Saturday, December 4, 2010


St. Vincent is beautiful! I flew in Wednesday morning and landed at E.T. Joshua airport. He was a past prime minister here and also a member of the church. I think he's dead now. Cool fact though. The airport was way ghetto. In one small room, probably the size of our kitchen and living room side by side, there was immigration, the place to pick up luggage, and customs, with the exit right behind customs. Falling apart. Needless to say the grandeur of the Barbados airport was 1000 times better than this. St. Vincent is really cool though. the people are a lot more humble here than other islands i've been to. There are some great members in the Calliaqua branch. There's only 4 missionaries on the island. 2 in Kingstown Branch, Elder Carter and Baxter, whom i knew in trinidad, and us 2 in Calliaqua. Elder Welch and I get along just fine and we're working hard. Calliaqua branch is struggling right now but things are turning around. They've had recent baptisms lately and we have some great less actives we're working with.

It was sad to leave Barbados. Said goodbye to it on Tuesday. Because the area was being blanked I had to stay up way late Tuesday updating the area book and making sure i left adequate instructions for the next missionaries. Elder Hoepel is still in Barbados but just another area. We sure had a lot of fun together. He's planning to visit utah in 10 years and always says he's gonna give my wife a big hug. We'll see, Elder Hoepel.

Elder Prince actually served in this same area last year. He baptized this awesome family, the Williams' who are still doing great. I wish we were serving together but I'm still prayin for it. This past week we worked our butts off. The apartment here is pretty nice. Lots of ants, mosquitoes, but other than that we have A/C, hot shower, so we're lucky. Not many apartments in the West indies have that. I don't have tons of time left, sorry. I wrote President a lengthy email. Things are going well though and I'm happy. I'll send some pictures next week of the island and me and Elder Welch.

Love ya!

Elder Morris

PS: Funny experience of the week. We went to a less active's house, Gracie, here in Calliaqua. I ate these small "tree tree cakes" that she gave us. I didn't know what they were at the time. Tasted weird. A little fishy and kinda like fried flour stuff like phollourie or stuff like that. Turns out she likes to catch these small fish pronounced "Tree trees" I don't think that's how they're spelled but that's how it sounded. She catches the fish which are like an inch long each in a net then puts them in this flour batter stuff then fries them in little cakes that look like oatmeal cookies. The whole fish. Bones eyes and everything. Tasted... alright. They were fine when i ate them then when i figured out what they were they all of a sudden didn't taste too good. I'd eat them again but that was sure a surprise. haha!


Elder Nathan Morris

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