Saturday, December 4, 2010


So there were some cool things that happened this week. Well some were good some were not so good.

First way funny thing. In the mission we get 10 contacts each day as a companionship. Because Elder Carter and Welch went to Trinidad for training, Elder Baxter and I were companions for half the week. On monday night we were getting contacts in Kingstown. We had 7 by 8:45 and it was about time to drive back. We walked past this restaurant and this big fat guy, the owner came up to us and said "buy 2 hamburgers right now. We need to close." I was like what? I don't have time/money for that. "Buy them right now. 2 for 1. buy one get one free. 7 dollars (EC). Well that i couldn't turn down. We walked in and bought the burgers, and the crew working there was really friendly. We ended up talking to and contacting all of them. In 3 minutes we got a free burger, 3 contacts and we could go home and sleep. However we were walking down the street and this vagrant asked us for food. I was holding a free hamburger in my hand. I felt bad so i gave him the burger and he gulped it down. A few minutes later we were talking to this group of people when i saw a hundred dollar bill on the ground. I picked it up and asked anyone if they lost some money. This one girl that was walking further up said she lost a hundred dollars and I showed her it and gave it to her. I pray she really did lose the money. Lots of people would just lie and say it's theirs. But i've never given so much within 5 minutes in my life. A hamburger and 100 dollars. Haha it was a pretty funny moment.

Next crazy thing. Lots of rain on Saturday morning. I looked outside and i noticed that our parking lot was full of water. Hmm. i look outside and see the river next to our apartment overflowing the bank. It was like 10 feet higher than usual. Just rushing on and flooding the town. I then look through the door and see water begin to come through the bottom of the door. We grabbed all the stuff on the ground, putting it on our couches and beds and then watched as tons of water just flooded our apartment building. From 9-2 we scooped and cleaned the water out. We helped other apartments too. That was pretty crazy though. Haven't seen that much water before. Some pictures are included. The one with the missionary is Elder Welch.

As per the missionary work, it's really not going too well right now. We don't have a lot of cool investigators. Only a couple. There's a lot of people that could be baptized if they had their marriage issues figured out. We had a record high at church though, 52! That was the most they've had in the past like 6 months. Elder welch has been working in this area for 5 months. He goes home in January. We work way hard together though and we are going to see a lot of good results come just now. I'm happy as always and i pray that we have more investigators. We do have this one guy Darcy who's read through 1 Nephi and loves it he just needs to come to church. He could be baptized within a few weeks. I'll update you more on the work next week. I don't have any time left though. Putting the pictures on took a long time with this computer. I love you all though and I'm grateful for everything you all do.


Elder Morris

PS: Elder Nelson, Ryan, I got your letter this week! I'll reply to ya. Love ya buddy.


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