Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hello to all!

This past week was way good. President said we could gather the district for a thanksgiving meal but only for 1 hour. We went grocery shopping on Monday and we saw that a real turkey was 463 dollars (EC) so like 180 US. We thought that'd be a bad idea. We decided to buy a bunch of steaks. Haha we had everything else though. We splurged and bought a cookies and cream pie and rootbeer, vanilla ice cream for root beer floats. Then we had a ton stuffing (stove top), mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, bread. It was a FEAST. We were pretty proud of ourselves. It turned out actually pretty good. The steaks were tasty, and everything else tasted like thanksgiving. We then played dominoes for a bit then had to go. Elder Carter and I went on tradeoffs which was way fun. Last time we served together was in Siparia, Trinidad when we were in the same district. We had a great day though. Thanksgiving was awesome. I am sure you all had a great one too.

We found some good success this past week too. We asked a recent convert if she knew any people that just have been having a hard time or something big like a new baby, death in the family, etc. She pointed us to a lady, Shevorn, that had been taught by missionaries in the past. She had a 2 day old baby when we met her and she was way humble and prepared for the truth. She told us nothing is holding her back now and that she wants to be baptized. She already had been reading the BOM every day and knows the church is true. She couldn't come to church but she'll be getting baptized on the 18th. On Saturday, we were teaching a less active lady and we asked her the same question. She pointed us to this new lady that moved in from Trinidad. We went over and taught her with the less active and her name was Christine. She told us that she was looking for the true church and she loved the restoration lesson. She came to church with the member next door yesterday and we gave her a book of mormon. She's really cool and is excited to learn more. There's also a part member family that is getting married soon. Once that happens the husband and daughter will be baptized. Hopefully before the end of the year. We're really seeing a lot of good things happening. We're working harder than ever and we're always happy. I loved this past week. We reached almost every single one of our goals we set for the week which is always a great thing.

Dad- you asked about my schedule. It's the same everywhere, mostly.

6:30 wake up. I excercise (perfect pushup, situps mostly) Eat cereal, oatmeal or a bagel with cream cheese.

8:00 studies. 1 hour personal and 1 hour companionship. The 1 hour always runs out way too fast. I wishe there was more but then there'd be less proselyting time.

10:00 Go outside and work. We come in aroudn 12:30 or 1 for a big lunch for just one hour. The unwritten rule in the mission is that we don't eat dinner because it's at such a prime time to proselyte. So we go without and just eat something small after we get home aorund 9. That way we get one more hour to teach or tract or something. I've gotten used to it, i don't get hungry.

9:00 plan for 30 minut. Then write in journal, etc.

10:30 bedtime.

that's my schedule!

Life is really good in St. Vincent. I love it here. There's crazy people everywhere, Rastas selling all sorts of stuff everywhere. There's churches on every corner and Seventh Day Adventists hate our guts. Everybody likes to argue here which gets way annoying. I just like to smile at them and just let them talk. Arguing goes nowhere. They'll go away just more convinced they're right. There's tons of hills here in this country. But the people mostly are nice and it's not too hard to find new investigators. The hard part is people's pride. One of the greatest barriers to people's progression is their unwillingness to let go of traditions and doctrine they've grown up with their whole lives and accept the revealed truths of the gospel. I hope you all know how much I love the gospel. One of the things i always love to tell people if they have any problems with anything is to pray until you feel better. I tried it last night. It was late, around like 11. I was reading some Liahonah's and the night kinda ended bad so i wasn't in too good of a mood. I knelt down and jus tprayed and prayed, unloading my concerns and desires before Heavenly Father. I then told him of my willingness to follow him and do whatver it takes to help the people here. I felt the assurance come and the peace come over me. Needless to say I went to bed feeling happy as a clam. I know this is the truth. That's not the question. I'd do anything for the gospel. I love this work and it's changing me. I just hope i can keep it up after my mission. \

Pictures are of Bro. Drakes and I scooping out the seeds of a calabash. He sells these to tourists. The other ones are of our p-day today. We waded in ankle deep water out to this island in our area. It was way fun. Haha


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