Friday, December 31, 2010


Hello to all!

This past week was pretty rainy. Whenever it rains in the West Indies nobody likes to have you inside your home and everyone becomes super busy and can't meet with you. It's pretty magical how that happens. A little rain and also you don'tave time to sit down and read the Book of Mormon for 5 minutes either. Don't you know this will save you? Goodness. It was a really tough weekend and from about 1-9 on Saturday we drove from member to investigator to member to investigator getting denied time after time after time. We were pretty tired of it. We tried tracting in the rain and it just was not working. I'm pretty embarrased sometimes for the culture here. Laziness...

We had a couple good experiences yesterday though. We saw Brother Lewis, a recent convert, who has had a dark past. I'll save you the details. needless to say he still feels trapped by his past and it's hard for him to see past it. We were talking about something completely different when I received the impression to challenge him to read the book of mormon from cover to cover, this week. He doesn't work so he has time. It was pretty cool. He accepted it and I promised him that a miracle will happen. Told him to expect one. Also there's this part member family here that the mom isn't a member but all the kids. The mom can't get baptized due to the fact she is not married. But she is way strong! she was fasting yesterday and they read together, have family home evenings, etc. She's a crazy good mom and she was asking us about the organization of the apostles and 70's and everything. She loves the church and would be one of the coolest members if she was one. It was just cool to see a converted person. Lots of the members just come to church but they don't do anything else. The church is more than just church.

I was wondering what you were thinking about coming to pick me up. Are you still thinking about it? If you are i think it'd be really fun. I really would love to go to Guyana for like 2 days and Trinidad for like 1 or 2. It'd be super expensive.... but think about it. I'm about 50/50. If you come that's great. If you don't? That's fine too.

As per our investigators, none of them made it to church but we're still praying and working with Shevorn, Christine, and the Brown's. they're pretty serious about it. We're praying for a white Christmas... Sometimes there's not much else we can do. We do the best we possibly can. LIke Pres. Monson says, "do your duty, that is best. Leave unto the Lord, all the rest." We're still working our hardest it was just a disappointing week. We saw the 1st pres. christmas devotional last night. Which was awesome. Just us 4 missionaries watched it at the church on the computer in the office. I love the church. Just seeing everything. Temple square. The church is definitely true.

I don't have my camera cord with me or else i'd send pictures. This week is going to be definitley better and we both have a clear confirmation from the Spirit that success is coming. Refiner's fire, right? This mission is so different from anywhere i can think of. West Indians are pretty hard-hearted. But God loves them and that's why we're here. Someone out here needs to hear the gospel. Look past the whiteness of our skin and realize that we're sent by God.. Someone will this week. I'll tell you about it next week. I'm excited to share with ya the success that happens this upcoming week.

I love you all and keep being awesome. I'm looking forward to the package!!!

Love, Elder Morris


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