Sunday, October 25, 2009

nate in Berbice

The Rastifarian in Nate's journal

yummy food from the holiday.


October 19, 2009


So, this week was MUCH better!! We put our minds to it. I fasted and prayed more and harder than I ever had before. We relied on the Spirit. After the zone conference last week we were motivated to do a better job and do some good ol' fashioned work. We got a lot done. We went out after p-day on Tuesday, looking for somewhere to go tracting. We both felt as we were riding in a taxi to stop in this one area in Port Mourant, called Ankerville. Before the end of 1 hour of tracting we had taught 4 lessons and had 5 new investigators. It was wonderful. Being led by the Spirit is a wonderful thing. We had nobody we were teaching who had reall progressed before then, and all of a sudden we have a lot more people from this past week who are excited to get baptized. This guy, Ayasammy, is about 60 years old, but loves to read. He works as a night security gaurd for a shop in Rose Hall. He has already read most of 1st Nephi, and all the tracts we have given him. He is very humbled due to the lack of money, but he is prepared I feel. We met a family living down a shortcut by our house called the Frasers. In the middle of the lesson the lady stopped and said, "So, all I am really trying to do is just find the truth, but I just don't know how to find it!" We challenged her to pray and ask God if our message was true, and when God answers her, if she and her family wants to be baptized. They all accepted and were very excited! Due to this week's past success, I have an increased amount of faith, and my confidence has increased as well in the Lord's ability to work through me. I love being a missionary!

This past week we had a funny experience. So there's a lot of homeless in Guyana, right? Well there's this especially crazy one that is a Rastifarian. We always see him around but one day he came up to us and knelt on the ground yelling praises to us as white gods from heaven. Then he hugged my leg. I shook him off, but then he got up and gave us a big thumbs up with a rotten smile and walked away. Hahaha! It was hilarious! I drew a picture of it in my journal. See the picture. I've been doing that latley. Bought a colored pencil set and have been drawing funny stuff in my journal every day.

So, Saturday night was the holiday of DIWALI! You know, from The Office, the Hindu holiday. It was very fun! There's a Creole restaurant we've been eating at that had a bunch of special food just for the holiday. We had Sweet Rice w/ Dhall Puri, Pumpkin (a combo of blended pumpkin and spices) inside a bake, and lots of fruit. Because we're in such a Hindu neighborhood, there were candles everywhere. It was really pretty actually.

To answer some questions: 1. Dad. Yes we do member present lessons. That is one of our key indicators of conversion, or one of the goals we set. We try to get as many as possible. 2. I liked what Dad said about the mission being a foundation for the rest of my life. I agree completley. As a missionary you begin all these awesome habits that if kept, will keep you safe and sound for the rest of your life. I am loving the changes that I see taking place within me. I don't want to go back to the old me when I'm done here. 3. Mom! Thanks for telling me about the experiences with all the kids! I love hearing about all the nieces and Bryce. They're way fun! For Christmas you'll have to set it up so when we do the webcam chat that everyone will be there.

So, basically I love this place. We're doing much better, my spirits are higher, and I'm working harder , studying more effectivley. My testimony is growing each day. Keep being awesome. Your encouragement is helping me a lot!

Elder Morris

Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 13, 2009

First of all answering some questions:

Dad had some in his email.

About the economy: We do not see the effects of the bad economy in the States because we have an even worse, yet horrible economy here. The average income here is extremely low. Many children don't go to school, and many people can't read. So no we don't see the effects of the US economy here. About doing wash and cooking. We have a washer in the back of the house. Just put in detergent like at home. To fill it up with water you have to fill up buckets and dump it in but it's not bad. Then we hang up the clothes to dry on lines in our apartment. Cooking is like how is was at college. Here, I've been having 2 eggs, toast and sometimes a bowl of cereal for breakfast. For lunch we don't have to much time to cook so usually it's spaghetti, mac and cheese, or sometimes we eat out. There's a local restaurant next to the apartment that has really good bake and salt fish or chicken curry and rice. Pretty delicious! We have pots and pans and a stove at the apartment. No worries there. Haha. Also, fast food: In Berbice it's only Church's chicken which is a huge chain like KFC. In Georgetown there's KFC, Church's, Pizza Hut and Popeye's. Delicious!


I love your attitude with all your hard responsiblities in YW. Keep working hard! I love ya. I really liked Elder Scott's talk too. I wrote down a lot of good info from it. I can't wait till we get the Liahona so we can read it. About the [ten missionary] plaques by the bishop's office: Can you take a picture of all of them individually, and then a picture of them all together and send it to me via email? Also, I'd love more pictures from home and with friends and junk for the next package. Also, I need a thing to put consecrated oil in. One of those sweet metal vials at desert book or something. Next package! Haha. I love ya.

So, this past week was a rollercoaster. This week seemed like NOTHING happened. It was rough! I felt like we worked very hard. Elder Daines has the philosophy to just contact on the street those that'd look like they'd take the gospel. I don't like that at all but I just let that happen. Because we've done that, we haven't taught very many people and don't get too much done. Because of that, our numbers the past few weeks have been going down bad. No baptisms scheduled because we're not teaching anyone! We had interviews with President Gamiette Sunday night and he was disappointed with the numbers. He also said someone told him that I don't want to stay in Guyana and train a Guyanese. I don't know where that came from because I would LOVE to do that. I know I can do that. I told him this and he was surprised. He said that originally he had me leaving Guyana because of that next transfer. I told him that I wanted to stay and train someone. He said that if you really want to, there'll be an increase in numbers this week. So, the pressures on. I'm gonna step up and work extra hard this week. Not just so I can stay in Guyana, but because I'm sick of seeing the lack of success in this area. Yes I can blame it on the lack of education in the area and understanding of our messages, but no. It is my fault and I'll just have to do better. I know I can do it. I know how to teach. Heavenly Father will help me. It was a rough interview but I can improve and next interview hopefully he'll be a bit more pleased with me. I could blame it on Elder Daines but I won't. I could have done a lot better. Lessons learned now help me become better in the future.

Zone conference yesterday: It was a GREAT one! It lasted about 4 hours. President taught us so much that we can use. He is a great man, great leader, great teacher. Loved it!! Learned about retention, bringing less actives back, teaching with the Spirit. Learned a lot about how to invite baptism and how to do it when the Spirit in the room is the highest. If we do that, they won't say no. Because they'll feel it is true and something they need to do. There was tons more we learned but I can't write all of it! After he was doing interviews with more people, so we hung out and talked with everybody for another few hours. It was fun catching up with Elder Scott, seeing how my old area is going. ALL of my investigators in Kitty are baptized/being baptized next week. Keysha, Latoya, Mahesh, Pretty. I was very excited about that. Gonna put them in my preach! (First page of Preach my Gospel). I am grateful Elder Moses cleaned up and got them in the water. I loved talking with everybody. I have made tons of good friends here.

Well that's my week. Rough, but lessons learned. I guess my faith just isn't as good as it should be! This next week will be a blast, making up for our past mistakes.

Elder Morris

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 5, 2009

Dad asked the following questions in his letter to Nate and this was his response:

Dad: Do you have a tan? Are you kind of skinny? Who cuts your hair? Is it short like you like it? How much does it cost to get a haircut? Please send me a current picture when you get a minute.

Nate: Haha! So. I will take a picture sometime this week. My tan? It's okay. Probably pretty dang tan compared to people at home but here with the missionaries I'm not too dark. I'm skinnier. I've lost about 3 inches on the waist. Thank goodness for belts but they're at the last holes. I'll have to punch some new ones in. Here there's random barber shops all around so we just barely got one. 400 dollars a piece. (2 US dollars) Pretty cheap. Did an okay job, but nothing compared to Tammy Haddow. Haha.

This week! What a whirlwind! So. We're still dealing with issues in the branch and the hardened people that are here, but are working ETREMELY hard to find those diamonds in the rough. They're out there. We met a guy on the street; he was kind of interested in the Book of Mormon. I opened the book and read him Alma 34:32. First I asked what he thought the purpose of life was. Then we read it. He was interested! He was into it. He asked who wrote that, I said Alma, a prophet of God. He didn't know who that was but he wanted to know more about it so of course we got his address and phone number and will meet with him this week. The work is hard but so worth it. My attitude is what keeps my head up. I love this work!

I'm still district leader I guess. So I get to do baptismal interviews which I think will be rather exciting. I get to use the spirit to let me know whether or not someone is really prepared to enter into the covenant of baptism. What an opportunity!

Conference....OOOOOhhhh Yeah! I've never been so overwhelmed by the spirit of those amazing talks. I just wrote and wrote and wrote. 24 pages of notes!! Things I can apply to myself now as a missionary, as a son, as a future husband and father. I loved every second of it. We had a satellite at the East Canje chapel which then fed into a tv and a projector. Haha, I got to use my electronic education and helped set up over the phone the ones in Linden and Georgetown as well. It was pretty fun. I really did love every second of it.

As for me.... with this week and this conference: I'm experiencing a change of heart as they say. I feel better, stronger in my relationship with the Lord. My prayers are more fervent. The spirit has been giving me continued revelation. I'm studying better, working smarter. I've never been better and I hope to continue to rise up like it said in the song in Priesthood Session, "Rise up o men of God". I am doing just that. Rising up, magnifying my calling. I'm learning more, working more, and relying on God more.

Mom and Dad. Do not regret anything you didn't do with me growing up and be grateful for the things we did do! This is not pride, just gratitude for everything you have done for me. I've never felt better and I can't imagine being anywhere else in my life right now. How grateful and blessed I am for having parents like you for being patient with me, for always pushing me in the right direction. Yes I made bad choices. That is what the atonement is for. I am different Mom and Dad. I really am. I regret the things I didn't do before the mission. I regret not spending more time with you guys. But regrets are for the past. And all I can do is just express gratitude for you. KNOW HOW MUCH I DO LOVE YOU. While I'm out here never doubt my love for you. Words can't express my gratitude for the things you did for me. I hope one day I can repay you.

A mission is an amazing thing. Something I would never trade. I am blessed to be serving my God in this country. While crazy as it is, I wouldn't trade it for anything! I have to go but this weekend was such a spiritually uplifting one. I love this work and I love Heavenly Father and the Savior for what they do for me. I'm reading Jesus the Christ right now and it's an amazing book. I love learning about the Savior.

Elder Morris

PS: my new address is

26-14 Harkman's Lane
New Amsterdam, Berbice

Monday, October 5, 2009

September 28, 2009

To all at home! Happy Birthday to all who read this!

Berbice is SWEET! Super rural, 2/3 of the people don't know how to read, and they can't understand me when I talk. I have to speak Creolese. I love it here. See what happened in my area is that this guy got baptized, and he helped bring over 150 people into the church last year. He went apostate and got excommunicated and so now there is only like 30 people at church a week, with over 300 baptized members. It is going to be a though month. The work has totally slowed down in Guyana.

See what happened before was that people thought the numbers were more important than the person, so they'd go about baptizing 10 year old kids because their parents weren't interested and they liked church. I don't know HOW you can think that's a good idea but that's how Guyana did so well last year. Now we're back to what God really wants us to do, baptize only prepared converted people that understand the restoration and the atonement. I love it here. Ya know that's the negative of the work in Guyana but it really is a sweet place. There is a lot of prepared people in the world. I'm lucky to be in such a sweet place.

I'm with Elder Daines now. Being with Elder Noah for those 2 weeks was tough. I learned a lot of things I shouldn't be doing on the mission. Supposedly being this far from the Mission President , a lot of these missionaries in Berbice did a lot of movie watching, music listening, etc. I don't know HOW you can think that's a good idea either!

Elder Daines does missionary work the right way. I'm going to try to emulate more of his ideas. Following the spirit and only teaching prepared people is a necessary thing here. You can go about baptizing unprepared kids and women but I don't think that's how God wants us to operate. He is a great elder and I get along with him great. He has been out 20 months and will be going home soon. He is from Rexburg, Idaho and went to BYU Idaho but will be going to BYU next year studying filmmaking. It will be a great transfer with Elder Daines.

I'm not district leader or training a missionary anymore. I am working hard, but I guess I just wasn't needed as one yet. Elder Prince however will be training a new one. It's fun being so close to him, only a 30 minute drive and over the Berbice bridge. We've been able to gaff a lot. BTW they say that a lot here. Gaffing is sweet.

The work in Rose Hall is interesting. We'll be doing A LOT of finding. We weren't left with anyone to teach, only a 10 year old girl but we won't work much with her, only if she gets a solid link with a member of the church. So the work will be rough but it'll have great rewards. We know we can baptize in Guyana. We can baptize lots. We just have to do it God's way. The work will improve, I'm sure of it.

Can I get Colby's email address?? I want to wish him congratulations on his engagement. I can't believe in one month he'll be married!! That is so crazy.

Well I better be going. Keep it real back in the states. I love it here and don't worry about me! I am loving the work, not homesick, and my testimony is growing all of the time!

Elder Morris!