Friday, December 31, 2010


Christmas was definitely the best. I'll give you a run-down on what we did!

During the week everybody and their dogs were in Kingstown shopping and we could barely meet with any of our investigators. We weren't able to have much success in that area of the work but it was an okay week. We were able to do a lot of work with the members, strengthening them, but that was about it. In St. Vincent, Christmases are weird. This is throughout the west indies. The season isn't about traditions and family, it's about cleaning the whole house, putting new lanoleum down, new curtains, new couch cushions, etc. They work on their house all the way until Christmas eve. Christmas day they sit around, eat ham, and sleep. Haha merry christmas! They don't have as much fun traditions as we did back home. It was kinda sad cause more than half of the people we talked to don't like christmas, they just say it's too busy and too tiring. It is what you make it I guess. We made ours a blast. That's for sure!!

Friday Night the other elders came over and we began our christmas festivities. Like i said we took christmas lights and taped them to the wall in the shape of a large christmas tree. We drank tons of hot chocolate, and played Uno and dominoes. We watched Lion King for Christmas eve which was really fun. Christmas day was really fun. Woke up and opened our presents which was fun. It was so great to get your package on Christmas eve so i had some things to open. Haha it was a blast. We watched a couple more movies, including Princess and the Frog which i really liked, honestly. It was one of my favorites. We went out to the Brown's to give them a gift, Elder Welch bought their family the hymns on cd which the mom had ordered but Elder Welch paid for it and we delivered it to them. They gave us cake and ginger beer which i don't relaly like but the cake was good. Haha. Then we went to Sister Samuel's for lunch. They had a lot of family over so I felt a little out of place but it was fun. We played dominoes. Elder Carter and I beat Elder Baxter and Welch 9 times in a row, so they had to cook the pie we had for the evening and serve it to us as well. The meal was delicious. Lots of meat, lots of rice. They had dashin and fried plantain which was way good with the gravy. It was weird cause everybody but Sister Samuel and us were drinking rum and wine. This is the caribbean I guess. After we went back, watched a Christmas Carol then went to the church to talk to YOU!

Did i mention my favorite part of the day was talking to you on Skype?? That was so much fun to be able to see and hear you as well!! Bryce was way funny when he was dancing. That made me laugh pretty hard. Megan, to answer you, I did get the letter and the pictures from Kira! They made my weekend. Haha tell Kira thanks and I love her too! I'm going to draw a picture and send it back. It was so weird to see you on Skype. I was anticipating it all day though. We kept on saying "hey we get to see our family in... 5 hours." haha we're not trunky, just human. I loved it though. I miss all of you a ton and it was so fun to talk with you. For Mother's day we gotta do that again. If it's possible. I can't believe the time is running so short.

Mom, to answer your question, and to tell everyone else, my mission has been extended a week. This transfer was 7 weeks long. It was to solve an MTC problem i guess so the transfers are all a week later now. I'm being released on the 16th of June. Transfer day is tomorrow now. Which i'm staying with Elder Welch. I'm still crossing my fingers i get to serve with Elder Prince before our missions are through.

All in all, Christmas was way fun. Us 4 in St. Vincent made these district shirts which were really cool. It's a black polo shirt. ON the front is "vincy district" in pirates lettering, then above that is a skull with a santa hat on it. On the right sleeve it says WIM Christmas 2010. The left sleeve says our names. For me it's Morris. Hah. Then on the back is a big baptism symbol with snowflakes around it that says "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" They are really cool shirts. It was pretty expensive to make but way worth it.

It feels weird cause it was nice to take a rest from the work but now it feels weird getting back to work. I don't have any more time to write but know that i'm happy, life is good, work will be awesome this week and we're going to get a ton done. We are excited about the new transfer!

I love ya- Elder Morris


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