Tuesday, January 5, 2010

December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas in Trinidad was an interesting experience!

Christmas eve, we just went around to members all day because no one wanted to talk to us. The streets were flooded with people buying last minute gifts, just how they are back home. Sham, the coolest guy here, made us ham and cheese sandwiches with onions and they were delicious. We watched "Joseph Smith, The Prophet of the Restoration" with him and his family. He is 29, sweetest guy ever, living with his Mom and Dad. Not married yet. Going to the temple in Utah in September or later. He is legit. Had a fun time with him. We went around to other members all day it was just the most fun there. Haha.

Christmas morning, woke up, then went to our 6 inch Christmas tree where my gift from the Branch President was wrapped. I opened it up and inside was...a TIE!! It was actually pretty nice. A light blue one. We got ready for the day, and got picked up by the Mortons to go to San Fernando where we were going to an orphanage. 12 of us missionaries and the 2 senior couples were there and we sang Christmas songs, did comedy skits, and then dressed all the kids up as wise men, angels, etc. We had them perform a little nativity. It was fun! One of the kids, they were all saying, didn't get any gifts. His gift was that a family from the states was flying him to the US so he could have a FAMILY for Christmas. What a better gift than that? It was a cool experience.

After that, we went to the Mission Home for Lunch and a program. President Gamiette's kids were all there along with all the missionaires and couples throughout Trinidad. President's children are the sweetest coolest kids ever...French Speaking that is. My nieces and Bryce owns all the other ones. This little girl, Amy, is like 3 and she has the cutest smile ever. She would run around and just hang out with all us missionaries. It reminds me of President Monson and how his family was over the Canada Mission. While they were there his wife Frances had a child. How fun would that be? Haha the miossionaries cared for it like their own sister. The lunch was fantastic. President Gamiette is a whiz at ping pong so a table was set up and missionaries were trying to beat him. Elder Nielsen and Elder Beeson actually came pretty close. Elder Mcintosh, a senior, did a cheesy hilarious magic show, and then we just had a talent show with everybody. It was a fun time. After that we went home and enjoyed the rest of the evening talking to our FAMILIES!!!! That was the sweetest thing ever. I thought it'd be different. But it was just fun to relax and gaff with my family. I was laying on the roof of our apartment (little flat concrete roof) looking up at the coconut trees and stars while talking to the people I love. So much fun. I loved to hear from everyone. Amber and Dave, I will talk to you on Mother's day! I wanted to talk to you guys on Christmas but you'll just have to wait 5 months. :D. Hahaha.

Apart from that we had a great week. Elder Jones and I are getting along a lot better. He is a little ADHD. Well a lot ADHD, but we've had some good fun. We're working a lot harder and better. It'll be a fun next few weeks. It was fun with the holidays but I've had enough of being hassled by horribly drunk or hung over people. Haha.

I didn't mention that for 2010, the baptismal requirements in the mission have been raised completely. In the past, they had to be at church 2 times, and be able to get through the baptismal interview. Now they have to have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon being the most correct book in the world, and Joseph Smith being truly a prophet. A lot of other things as well. They have to be at church all 3 hours three weeks in a row. They have to read the Book of Mormon 14 days in a row. There is a ton more but that's just an idea. It will be extremely harder but in return the church will in fact be built. The people brought into the church sill be ones that will help prepare Trinidad and the rest of the West Indies for a temple. Our goal is 1000 endowed members in the mission. President Gamiette said "That's a Temple!" His goal is by the end of his mission, having the West Indies prepared for a temple. It'll be SWEET.

Basically it was a great week. I loved talking to my family. Loved it. Can't wait for Mother's Day. I was able to talk to Grandma and Grandpa which I loved! I miss everyone so much. But I know I'm out here for a reason. How great it is to be doing the same thing that the missionaries of old were doing: Brigham Young and Samuel Smith in Europe, Joseph Smith himself in Canada, the apostles in the east 2000 years ago. I am really out here on behalf of my Heavenly Father. Like Joseph Smith said. "Shall we not go on in so great a cause?" I love this work :D.

Elder Morris


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