Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 25, 2010

Hey Everybody.

Dad-I hope you're doing okay. Sleeping at Grandma and Grandpa's and everything. I wish I could be there with you. I'm not worried. Just...I wish I could be there. It was sad to hear about Grandma. Please. Tell her I love her. Give her a big hug from me. Tell her that I'm staying away from the Spanish girls. (she'll get that...I hope! Haha)

Mom-Yes I DID get a haircut from Sister Bullock at Christmas. They aren't here anymore!!! I miss them bad. Best senior couple in the mission. Them and the Lingren's. They are legit.

Alright so transfers happened and I am way way way happy. I live in North Trinidad which is very Americanized. They have Pricesmarts here. Owned by Costco, ya have to be a member, ets. Bulk food, everything. Looks exactly like Costco. They even have a hotdog and drink deal. They have a Coldstone, big ol grocery stores, wow. I'm in heaven. We really do take things for granted back home. Our apartment has air conditioning units inside each bedroom. A bidet in the bathroom (instead of toilet paper which is actually quite useful) and hot water hearter. It is BEAUTIFUL. The assistants, Elder Scott and Barton, are some of the coolest guys I've met. They are way fun to hand out with and talk to after the day. Elder Beeson I thought would humble up a little bit but he doesn't like to let me talk in lessons. It's rather annoying. I love the guy, we have a lot of fun, just like dad said in his last letter, pride is definitely the issue. He is a great teacher, way cool guy. We are having a lot of fun.

The new area is sweet. I'm actually serving in a WARD. Curepe ward to be exact. We actually have a good ward mission leader, bishopric, etc. Something I've never had my whole mission. Basically SanJuan area is LEGIT. The missionaries before didn't do a dang thing so we got here and there was absolutely NOTHING. We had to start from scratch. The assistants are going on zone conference tour for 3 weeks and they have a cool investigator, Louis, that we get to work with now. He's getting baptized on the 6th of Februray and is doing great. It's going to be a very very fun area. I hope I get to stay awhile.

I am very proud of Dad for being the awesome father/son he is. Ididn't appreciate him enough back home but I do now. Definitely.

I can't write much more, but please tell Grandma I love her. I hope she is doing okay with all of this. My prayers are with her and Grandpa. Also give Grandpa a hug for me. Tell the Smarts thanks for writing to me. It was fun to hear from them haha. They are awesome. Tell Parker I think he's a G and that the ladies are gonna love him if he treats them right.

Love all of ya. Elder Morris


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