Friday, January 29, 2010

January 18, 2010

Hey Everyone!

BIG NEWS!! I'm being transferred. Seems like just yesterday I entered Siparia. Basically the way the branch helped us out, supported us, I mean the lack of support, President decided that Siparia is only strong enough to have 1 set of missionaries. I'm giong to be in San Juan, which is north Trinidad (busy city). I'll be with Elder Beeson, my awesome MTC companion. We'll live in the Assistants' aapartment. That's going to be a BLAST. Elder Barton and Elder Scott are the Assistants and I knew them from Guyana and they are way tight. We have air conditioning, water heaters, and a bidet! Haha. Luxuries not found often in this mission. It's been a very long time since I had a hot shower. I'm stoked. Elder Clard and Elder Carter are still in Siparia. I'll miss them a TON. We had a lot of fun as a district. They slept over last night and we just chilled and talked for hours. They're way cool guys. I'm gonna miss Elder Jones too, bad. We got real close near the end of this transfer and now we gotta split. He gave me probably one of the most awesome compliments yesterday. Told me that I'm a lot like Elder Scott wherein I get along with everybody. That meant a lot to me. Elder Jones is a G.

We didn't get close to anyone in the branch really so saying goodbye was pretty easy. Sham is the only one I'm really gonna miss. He helped us do a lot of work and made us many meals. He is a way cool guy. We're goning over for a last dinner tonight. The branch, really, is struggling with pride. They did not accept us and nobody, except for Sham, even knows our names. Well President Nandlall, the Branch President, does but it made it really hard to work when no one is willing to help you at all. If they would have helped we'd probably be seeing a lot more progress letting us stay there.

Zone conference was absolutely amazing on Tuesday. President Gamiette is by far one of the most spiritual influences I have ever met. When he walks in the room you can feel tangible difference. He is absolutely amazing. I learned a ton. The mission is switching to working with members and through them finding new investigators. You can see that's why this area was a bit difficult. Haha. My interview with him was very short. Basically he told me that by the end of my mission he wants me to be a zone leader or an assistant, but that right now I need to get more motivated to go out there and get the job done. I will definitely work on that one. He really has a way with getting you excited for the work.

The Bullocks have gone back to America. We will miss them a ton. They live in Oregon but go down to Utah all the time. Michelle, our golden investigator, didn't come to church, and she isn't praying to knot the truth so I don't know, I feel like we didn't leave the area accomplishing much. Me and Elder Jones worked extremely hard and as smart as possible. I don't feel like it's really a bad thing. Just no success I guess.

That really about it this week. I wish I could send pictures I just don't have time. A DVD of all my pictures and videos will be sent soon.

I love all of you so much.

Elder Morris

PS: Dad I just got your letter. Don't worry about me being humble. I'm probably the most humble person in the mission. (Pun Intended). No really. I've dealt and will continue to deal with prideful missionaries and it's one thing I watch very carefully about myself, making sure I don't let myself slip. It's human nature to think that you're better and more correct than everyone around me. . But it's not the nature of a future God. PPSS: Mom, yes I have been in contact with Elder Sanchez. Haha he's doing great!! His spirits and his testimony I've never seen better. I'm really happy for him. PPPSSS: Mom and Dad, thank you so much for your support. I love you guys.


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