Thursday, December 3, 2009

November 23, 2009

This week. This week!

Goodness. Alright. So last week's email was lame. Sorry for that - just a bad day. The next day, Tuesday wasn't very good either. I think just bottling everything up, pretending I'm loving every second of it caught up with me. Don't get me wrong. I love the work. But I gotta be real. These Guyanesse people are very hard to deal with sometimes. You really don't have any idea. But, the week got better and better. Elder Noah, my district leader, called me up on Tuesday when I was having a bad day. I just wasn't happy. My companion was complaining about whatever, we hadn't been baptizing, so yeah. I dunno, just hard. He called me and read me a talk/;letter thing about Christ. It described a day in the life of the missionary. How all the days run together. Well the missionary prayed that night and pretty much just let everything out. Described how hard it had been. How his companion had been, etc. Then he falls asleep and sees a magnificent vision. He sees Jesus Christ and he says, "We need to talk." Christ begins to just say everything you are going through, I went through. Your companioni is rough? My companion Judas, traded my life for riches, etc. Things like that. Pretty much just saying, whatever you have felt I have felt already and that as a missionary, you are very alike to Christ. The only exception is that He has finished His mission, completed the work. So it really helped motivate me; made me feel a lot better. Ever since then I've been doing a ton better.

So at church yesterday I was very pleased. Winston and his family came to church, their second time. Loved it. Branch President's kinda weird so he kept hinting to Winston that a position in the branch presidency was open and that he very soon could be sitting with him up on the stand. Haha! Wasn't too happy about that! Haha, President Johnnie was off the walls at church. He kinda scared Winston and when I try to tell President Johnnie, try to teach him that what he's doing isn't exactly the right thing, he doesn't think I know anything and blows it off. Haha, whatever - story of Guyana. The people are great. They are. They just need several more years.

So we were going around to the less actives on Saturday. We stop by one of the recent converts that was baptized before I got here. Her name is Rebeckah, and she's a 14 year old girl who can't read. That's not the problem. The problem is that her mom doesn't want to take care of her anymore so she's arranged a 22 year old Hindu to marry her and take her out of the house. Next week she's getting married. There isn't much I could do except encourage them to pray and really think tis trough. I can't advise them, just teach them. But, life goes on.

We had thanksgiving Dinner Friday. The Lingren's did EVERYTHING! They bought a butterball turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, yams, etc. A legit American thanksgiving! Only difference was that there were 5 Americans and 10 Guyanese. Haha! It was way fun. Instead of watching football, we sat and gaffed about sports: football, high school sports, basketball, etc. It was a way fun day.

Well the week was much better. Our people we're teaching are doing very well. The success is coming.

Well, this past week was very good. Not much more to say really. Haha.

Elder Morris


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