Thursday, December 3, 2009

November 30, 2009

Things are going much better this week! Except for the fact I'm in Georgetown today to get a police report. Transfers happen next week so most likely I'm leaving Guyana. So don't send any packages!! I haven't gotten the package yet but I got Dad's parcel of Lead the Way's. Thanks for those by the way. I haven't had time to read them all but I will.

So I love Winston and his family. We've taught them everything, and they are awesome. Very smart family: 3 kids and the parents. Their neighbors are going to start coming to church too. We're teaching them this week. President Johnnie asked if it was okay for Winston to give a talk in sacrament meeting. I said...No!!! Haha he's not baptized yet!

He is going to be a great asset to the church here. I reallyy feel good to see that I had a hand in bringing that family to the church. They're great. They're not just reading the BOM, but studying the principles. Sharon, his wife, LOVED 2 Nephi 9; read it a studied it like 10 times she said. Now she knows about the details about the necessity of the Atonement. I loved hearing her talk about it in Gospel Principles class yesterday.

Church was baller yeasterday. Got 15 less actives back to church that haven't been in FOREVER! I was so happy! Some of them had interviews and got callings to help keep them active. I really feel like I've helped bring back the fire to Rose Hall. Thanks to my prayers and fasting. Fasting really does WORK!

So I'm with Elder Barton right now in Georgetown. He got an email of the recap of the BYU game. SWEET! Way to go cougars. Take that Randy Larson! Tell him I said that...HAha.

We had zone conference last week. We were introduced to a new tool, to help reactivate and strngthen our converts. Check it out. I can't give password and stuff, but just to let ya know. Our goal for next year is to reactivate 2400 members in the West Indies. Right now we have 2600 active. 10000 members total.

It's been crazy with companions lately. Mine isn't gonna be here until tomorrow. Brother Singh from Albouystown (the ghetto), Georgetown. I had Mark John, a 16 year old punk member from the branch over the weekend. Hahaha.

It really was a great week. We're seeing some great progress here. I'm sad that I'll probably have to leave. But I'm excited as well. Next week I'll find out for sure where/when I'm going. Don't really know much else to say except just how much better this week was. I love it! Tell Parker that if he doesn't remember who I am when I get back that he's officially our of my will. Haha. Love you all.

Elder Morris


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