Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 14, 2009

Hello from the prideful and rich country of Trinidad! You'd be surprised. Trinidad is super wealthy compared to Guyana. I do miss Guyana though. The people are much nicer and more humble.

So the plane ride over here? A BLAST!!!! I loved it. Elder Prince and I sat together and talked for the whole 1 hour ride. He has a connecting flight to St. Lucia. We got some pictures of us on the plane. His camera though. Way fun! I loved it. What a great experience. Flying for transfers. Not many people get to do that!

There are tons of hills in Trinidad. My legs are getting quite the workout every day. We are opening a new area in Siparia, including Fyzabad and Arin which is about 30 minutes drive away from Siparia. I see a LOT of potential here. The branch gets about 35 people each week at church. Only about 80 members in the branch here. There's one stake in Trinidad and we're in a branch. The other missionaries here are Elder Clark and Elder Carter, both of them are sweet. I like them a lot. Our apartment is brand stinking new. Nice tile and very roomy. The landlord bought new everything: Fridge, stove, beds, the works, way nice serta mattresses. The only problem...nothing was installed when we got there. We had a case of bottled water, 2 matresses, and a working shower. That was it. Now we finally have the fridge, stove, a sink, and the beds. Other than that they're still working on it. Basically we were living like cavemen for a bit. It was pretty cool actually. My companion complained and complained but I just sat back and laughed at it. Haha, it was fun!

I've noticed a lot of change in me recently. Personality wise. It's an answer to my prayers really. I've been praying hard for Christlike love and I'm finally beginning to experience a tiny bit of it. It feels like nothing really gets to me anymore. I just am content with my surroundings and I honestly am felling like I do love everyone. It's been great really.

I can't write much more. I have 2 minutes left. The internet cafe is closing so I gotta go.


Elder Morris


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