Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nate's Companion - Elder Narine

November 9, 2009

Hello everyone!

I love it here! So this past week was a crazy one. I got to go on tradeoffs with Elder Jones. That kid knows so much about everything. He was taught to be a baptizer pretty much. It's in his genes you might say. However back then they didn't work on retention too much so the 80 he baptized in Rose Hall, only like 5 come to church. But we went around to his inactive converts and had some good lessons with them. I learned a lot from him and it was a great experience. He is an amazing missionary. His wish was to be put in Rose Hall for his last transfer but he got close enough - Canje, which is 20 minutes away.

So we're teaching some great people now. This Chinese guy, Winston, is hilarious. He really wants to find the truth. I gave him a Book of Mormon and taught him about it. Went back Sunday and he was to Alma 28!! He's already read half of it. He's not married legal so before they get baptized they have to get married which is a chore here. We're teaching this girl named SSonia, niece of a member. She is excited about baptism, loves church. It helps to have family in the church. She has two sisters, 14 and 8 years old who love it too. Sonia's 21. We taught the restoration to this guy we met Saturday, Ian, and he LOVES it. He was so excited when I talked about the apostasy. He wants to get baptized and when we gave him a tract he said he'd teach all his friends about Joseph Smith. He didn't dome to church though. That's the hard part, getting people to come to church. We have about 10 people that are solid and want to be baptized but in order to progress them, they need to come to church. We have been working with members more recently which is helping though.

My prayers and fasts are with Grandma. As a zone we fast once a week for help from God and part of mine is for Grandma. I was so sorry to hear about her cancer. I hope everything will work out. Tell he my prayers are with her and that I love her dearly.

Elder Narine and I are doing great together. I'm sending a picture of him with his mission call. He goes to the MTC in 2 weeks. His brother is the one I was with for that one day who was the other picture I sent home. It's different with a Guyanese obviously. I really can't describe what they're like, just completely different. You'll have to meet them to know what I mean. They think we are really weird and stupid for doing things like eating spaghetti or stuff. Haha. Buy the way, get a recipe online for chicken curry and roti and make it. I want you to see how delicious it is. Haha.

I'm sending an email to Bishop Crosby to thank him for his hard work. I love that man. He helped me a lot when I needed it. He was always a good example of love and diligence. Tell Bishop Ed I'm excited to have him as my bishop. I still don't have Megan's email so I can't talk about Dave's surgery with ) that I love them and pray for them always.

Things are going much better here. Baptisms will follow in the coming weeks due to hard work and the Spirit working through me. That's something that I have been seeing so much lately. It really does feel like I am an instrument in God's hands sometimes. I love it!

Elder Morris


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