Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winston Chan and his wife Sharon

Mark John, my companion for 4 days

Me and Bro. Vanderstoop

The Creole shop I ate at almost every day. DELICIOUS!

December 7, 2009

You asked some questions I have just failed to mention in letters home:

To Mom - All people do on Christmas Eve is party and get drunk here. People lives revolove around the rum! We didn't get to see the Christmas Devotional. The Church isn't that established here....yet.
Dad - I have also been wondering about the weather in Guyana. You have not said much about the weather at all. I can see by the weather on MSN that it is pretty much the same temperature every day. Does it rain very much? What do yo do when it rains? Do the streets flood when it rains or does the water drain off pretty well?

Alright, to answer the question about weather. Today for example it poured all morning but now it's way sunny and hot. Basically just totally unpredictable. Very hot, very, very humid. Much hotter than Hawaii. At least it feels so. You get used to it. In Georgetown the streets flood very badly because the drainage is bad but here in Berbice it's so much country that it doesn't flood too much. Tons of muc though. I never thought I'd wash my pants so many times. When it rains hard we don't go around walking. One day it poured until about 2:00PM so we were stuck inside. You can go out and get soaked but everyone stays inside and nobody lets you in when it's raining that hard.

Dad - I am also interested in knowing how you get around. I assume that you don't have any bicycles and walk most of the time. Is a taxi available if you have to go a long distance? I also assume that you use buses from time to time, which you have indicated in your letters. Do the senior couple have cars? Please let me know some of the details about your transportation.

Alright, in Rose Hall apartment the missionaries in times past bought bicycles. They were there but the tires were broken so we didn't use them. In Berbice there are cars that'll give you short drops (100 dollars for a short on each). Normally buses are for longer distances. You just stand on the road and wave your hand out when a car is about to pass. You jump in and say "Rose Hall, at the arch." In Georgetown, there are taxi services. Expensive, but they pick you up and drop you off exactly where you want to go. We used buses (60 dollars for a drop). There are tons of different routes and bus #'s that you just have to memorize. Senior couple do have cars. Nice "07 Toyota Corollas. I'm way used to driving on the left hand side of the road too. It'll be weird to go home and see the opposite.

Dad - You also haven't said much about using your piano playing skills. Do you ever play in meetings at church or missionary meetings? I hopeyou get the chance from time to time. Please let me know.

Sister Greeta in Rose Hall played the keyboard, just and electronic, cheap keyboard. She only could do the really, really, really simplified hymns so she has me do 2 hymns and she does 1. I actually have gotten a tone better at sight reading. I can get through most hymns now. I don't play at missionary meetings though.

And on to my weekly letter!

TRANSFERS!!! I am going to.........Siparia, Trinidad. Whooo! I'm so excited. It's kind of in the countryside of Trinidad. The only fast food is a KFC which I hear is just 100 times better than the states ones. There is a Subway in Point Fortin though, which is just 15 minutes away. My companion will be Elder Kent Jones. I hear he's great, only been out 7 months so just a transfer ahead of me. We're opening up a new area and neither of us has been in Siparia before. The areas are Siparia 1 and 2. 2 is the one where that missionarie already work. 1 is the one I'll be in. Craziness - both blanking the area and starting up the missionary work in a new place!! I'm STOKED for hot showers, a washer AND a dryer, maybe air conditioning too. That'd be too much to ask for. The Bullocks will be in Point Fortin, so very, very close. They are sweet, cook for the missionaries. Love it. The couple in Siparia is the Mortons. I hear they're alright. Sister Morton is very sick so that's not good.

I am sad to leave Guyana. Honestly. But having a missionary to be with that likes to go out and serve is something I just can't wait for. Anybody that has served with any of the Guyanese mini-missionaries knows what I mean. It's just tough. They don't like us because we're white and they think we are really very stupid. But, that's them. Just gotta deal with it. And we do. It got tiring pulling all the weight. I was with Brother Vanderstoop the last 4 days. He's gone now but it was fun. I'll send some pictures. Since it was so short I just didn't really care about what they said/did. I'm going to Trinidad!!

Saying goodbyes was just bittersweet. It really was. I'm going to miss a few people here VERY much. Sister Geeta first of all. She is a phenomenal person. I loved talking with her, learning from her, and trying to teach her new things. We went over once or twice a week. She'd give us a sweet drink and biscuits (Pepsi and crackers/cookies) and it was just fun. Strongest member I've met here.

Saying goodbye to everyone was just sad. Got great pictures. I loved the people here. I had a better time at Kitty but in both places I'll miss it. I'm excited to go to Trinidad though. Elder Beeson will be in my zone which wil be very fun.

THIS MORNING!!! Back Dam. So fun! Just a place that's pretty much just the jungle. Millions of mango trees. For an hour we went around picking up mangos to bring back and eat. Got buckets filled with em. After that we got into a mango fight. Running around crazy, just an all out war pelting each other with mangos. It was so sweet. It was pretty much the best way to say goodbye to Guyana. Slept over at Elder Prince's and we just talked all night. Elder Prince will be going to ............. St. Lucia!! I'll miss him a lot. We got really close.

So. The week was good. Just saying goodbye to people. Getting less actives to come back to church. Winston Chan, his wife Sharon, and their kids were all at church again. The lesson was on exaltation which usually frightens people but they loved it. Winston will be a great asset to the church. They said their goodbyes to me. I was happy to see they weren't converted to me. They just said thank you so much for teaching us and bringing us to this church. We wouldn't have found it without you. I just told him it was my pleasure and that I feel I was guided to call into his house.

Pretty much this weekend was just pictures, pictures, pictures. Taking millions of em. I need to send a bunch home somehow. I'll figure it out when I get to Trinidad.

Forgot to say, 6 MONTHS ON MY MISSION!! Hit my mark on the 3rd. To celebrate the tradition is to burn a tie. I got a picture and video of me doing it so you'll see how it went. Haha!! Me and Elder Prince were on the phone when we both did it. It's a blessing to have him out here I tell ya.

Address in Trinidad:
PO BAG 543 Valsayn, Trinidad

For packages, I'll make sure they bring the Christmas package from Amy to zone conference...But I won't get it for another 6 weeks. I LOVED the package you guys sent me by the way. Basically we just live for them.

The week was good, but I'm looking forward to a great time in Trinidad! Tell Grandma my prayers are with her and I missh them. I haven't sent them a letter yet. I haven't sent anyone a letter in a long time the way p-days have been going lately. Goodness!

Thanks for everything you guys. I love ya.

Elder Morris


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