Friday, July 31, 2009

Baptism of Stacy

Happy Birthday Mom!
Nate from his email

July 27, 2009

Things are going great! To answer your question we walk everywhere and take buses to different villages. Buses are just vans with numbers painted on them. They like to fit 20 people in one van and blast reggae. Ha ha, quite the experience!

This week was pretty sweet! Tuesday we had a district meeting at this park place where there are monkeys in the trees! It was fun. We fed them bread and they snatched it out of our hands and on our heads! It was really cool. I have never played with monkeys before!

Things are going great here. From being sick I lost like 15 pounds and I actually feel better than I have in a while. Just gotta make sure to eat foods I’m used to. I still don’t eat as much as I used to but that is changing. Like for example today we ate at “The Brazilian” which is this sweet restaurant with guys walking around with meat cutting it off for you. Expensive but we had been saving up for it. It was fun!

Saturday was Stacy’s baptism! She has been ready for so long. She was excited and it was a nice baptism.

Yesterday was branch conference. President Hymas spoke but instead of his talk he started off saying, “The spirit is subdued.” He said that the spirit wasn’t in the room. For some reason he didn’t feel like giving his talk and instead talked to the branch and kept saying that they needed to repent. He talked how he felt wickedness in the room and that the people needed to shape up and repent. Without it, he said, how is the branch supposed to grow? It was quite interesting. He is such a good speaker and I was looking forward for his talk but what he said was inspired and I hope the branch takes note. It was very weird.

Anyhow, we’ve found some new people that we’re teaching. This family we just happened to tract into on accident. This kid yelled at us and was like, “Hey come talk to my cousin!” She was like 18 and showed up to church with a friend and a cousin. It was pretty cool.

So I’ve had some sweet studies. I’ve read like 200 pages of the Book of Mormon in the last month ‘cause I’ve just been trying to read the whole thing well and get an overview of the whole thing before I get into some sweet study. Praying before study helps so much.

Well hey I know this was a weird email but I don’t have much time. I love you! I wish I could say more! Tell Ryan to send the ties to the address in Guyana. Amy, I couldn't reply to either - tell her I love her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Mom) AND I LOVE YOU!


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