Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 13, 2009

Mom –

I’m excited you were able to go to the Robison’s homecoming address. In the short time I stayed with them, I learned lots from them and they are amazing people. Zone conference and interviews with the President are this week so I will be able to meet and talk with President Gamiette then. Their talk sounded really amazing. And it was exciting to hear that those important General Authorities were there as well! I’m really really glad you guys both went. You said one of President Robison’s 4 purposes for speaking was to motivate people to serve missions. What about you? Are you motivated? Haha it would be fun! 3 years is a very long time though.

About Caricom, yeah I was surprised also when I learned that Guyana is part of the Caribbean. Even though it is a country on South America! Haha. About my stomach. I’ve been doing good. I haven’t been able to eat as much but I’m drinking tons of water. I have a fever off and on but really I’m doing okay, no worries. The Evans are aware and call and check up on me so know that they are watching over me as well. They gave me medicine that is helping a bit.

About baptisms! This past week was The Salims’ wedding & baptism. Saturday night they had a wedding at the church and a big party after. It was really fun! The zone leaders came and it was a good time. They are a great couple! They were baptized yesterday morning. I baptized Abdool Salim and Elder Stebbing baptized Valarie Salim. I’ll upload a couple pictures, one of them at the reception and one of them before baptism.

Also I’m uploading a picture of Veneta’s baptism & a picture of us playing cricket a couple weeks ago. I put a picture up of a price of a box of Frosted Flakes. Most expensive cereal in da world! The Salim’s dog, brand new baby, is called “little Mulder”. Because Elder Mulder and Elder Stebbing found the Salim’s. They named the dog after him. Such a cute dog! Picture included. Also, we live below a member family called the Bacchus’. They’re awesome people. Their son, Aaron, who is 4, loves cricket so we play with him sometimes. There’s a picture of him as well. Some of the best pine (pineapple) in the world is in Guyana so we get it a lot on the street from the same dude. He’s cool. He’s always like “yah man! Best pine in da world!” Picture included of how they cut pine here. Another picture of the view from the street in front of our apartment.

Ooh! Forgot to tell you. Driving here is opposite. Ya go on the left side of the road. Also some more about life here. Stray dogs are rampant. Dogs have utters here pretty much. They run everywhere. Most have broken legs because of them getting bounced on cars. But really they are EVERYWHERE. Same with goats, cows, and horse carts. (I thought they were a thing of the past) guess not.

The work has been going okay. We might be able to pull off one or two baptisms this weekend to help with the Wilt weekend but we haven’t been able to find too many people that are ready for the gospel. Some are just ready. Stacy who I told you about, is keeping commitments left and right and is trying really hard. Only thing that could keep her back is her boyfriend who doesn’t live there but isn’t as willing to keep that ever important law of chastity. So if she does something about it she can get baptized Saturday. Michelle, someone we have also been teaching, has 6 kids, about 45 years old. She had a dream after reading the book of mormon for the first time. She said everybody was in white, and was in a very nice place. She knew that it was part of our church she said. She said she felt amazing the whole time and when she woke up she still felt good. She came to church and wants to be baptized. I know that this work is true. Some may not believe but they lack the faith to give it a try. We don’t ask them to believe us. We ask them to ask God for an answer and believe Him. The work is really going great. Well that’s how I’ve been doing. Very busy teaching, but we need to find new people as well. That’s a problem here. We don’t have enough time!

Also. I was going to give news of my other friends here in this mission. Elder Prince is in Rosignol Area in Burbece. He’s loving it here. Elder Houchens is opening a new area in Linden, and have over 15 people baptizing this Saturday. They are meeting with people who have never heard of the Church before. Most have never heard about Christ. They hold church in their apartment. Elder Beeson is in Canje, Burbece and is also loving it.Well I had better be off. I love you Mom! I couldn’t email everyone so tell everyone I miss them and love them. You should send me snacks and treats! Haha. Jk. Only if it doesn’t cost much.

Elder Morris


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