Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7, 2009

Nate sent answers to some of the questions Dad asked last week:

1. Many people have asked if they can email you directly or if they should send the emails to us and have us forward them to you. what are the rules and what do you want us to do? I don't want you spending your hour each week reading emails from other people, I want you to read mine!

Yes, anyone can email me directly! I love it. And I will read your epistles no matter what. Don't worry bout that.

2. Are you going to email at the same time each week?

You guys are two hours ahead of us so it is 10:00 am here. As you can see, no. It all depends on how everything goes throughout the day. P-day plans change quickly.

3. Today is Aunt Susies birthday and it was Fatty Addie's first birthday on Saturday. Wish them happy birthday and I will tell them you said so. Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both died this past week. Michael Jackson was only 50 years old.

Yes, wish them happy birthday for me, and I heard Michael Jackson died. In fact everyone now all of a sudden thinks he's the best ever so that's all you hear every day haha.

4. What are your hours for sleep etc. bed time, get up time, studytime.

Same as mtc pretty much. 6:30 wake up. 8:00 Study. 10:00AM proselyte. Around 1:00pm Lunch for an hour. 9:00PM daily planning. We have so much to do so we don't take a dinner break.

5. Can you download or send pictures? Does it cost money to use the Internet?

It costs to use the internet. I sent a couple pictures last week, of me and the doc in quarantine and my district. The internet cafe there let me send pictures but this one won't let me so i'll have to try next week. I'll send some cd's of pictures home.

6. Are there any fast food restaurants there like McDonald or other restaurants that I could send you some funny money to?

Don't send me funny money, haha. It'd just be too confusing. We have money for food provided to us.

7. Can we send you letters in the regular mail? What is the address?

I sent the address. Use the one that Sister Robison provided. Mine i just got from Elder Stebbing.

8. Is there a senior couple in your area?

yes, their names are Elder and Sister Evans. Also, one of the leaders of the mission is President and Sister Hymas. Supposedly Ed Hymas' cousin or brother or something. Let him know! You can share these on the blog if you want. It's good information.

Mom -

It was great to hear from you! By the way, my mistake. No on says, "Oy!" here. My bad! They do say a lot of funny stuff though. Like "baderation" means misbehaving or crazy. Or instead of "us" people say "we". Like "you talking to we?" haha it's fun. I know more but am forgetting a lot of it right now. Like "yeah yeah yeah" just means alright.

To answer your questions, I don't use a mosquito net. I have one, just don't feel like I need it. I have two fans pointed on my bed and that does a pretty good job but I usually wake up with a couple here and there. The worst are my ankles. I could count 20 on each!

I meant last email that most homes are a downstairs and an upstairs.

So I'll just use this as my big email for the week. Feel free to use any of what I send home to anyone in the family on the blog.

So this week was pretty cool. On last tuesday we had all the elders in the Georgetown zone, (12), combine and disperse in our area and find many people. Many of them didn't want us to come teach them but some did. We found some great, prepared people from it. Friday was my first baptism!! The girl, Veneta Layne, who is about 15 called us up and asked if I, Elder Morris, could perform the baptism. She'd been taught for like 8 months but her mom was out of the country so she couldn't get baptized. It was an amazing experience. I never really knew her but it was still tight. As we were leaving the font she said "I feel so light! Like a burden has been lifted off!" It was great to see the miracle baptism really is. Then, this week, a couple is getting married on Saturday, and on Sunday getting baptized. Talim Salim and Valerie. Way cool people. They would have been baptized this weekend but the Branch President wanted to meet with them first and do counseling which does make sense. So many people get married then fall apart here. Really families are far and in between here. Too many single mothers and kids who don't know who their real father is. We've also been teaching a girl, Stacy, about 28 years old. She's met with missionaries in the past about 2 years ago but now she feels like she's ready for baptism. She's received answers to her prayers and is way excited. In fact we hadn't mentioned baptism until last night, she was asking about tithing, sacrament, things like that. Then she went quiet and looked at us and asked "so when can I get baptized?" The magic question!! We were thrilled to hear that. It was fun to see how excited she was to get baptized. She'll be able to get baptized on the 18th of July. Part of the WILT weekend. (100 baptisms in Guyana in one week.) The previous record is 68. We gotta do it!

Anyways a little about life here. All i've felt like we've eaten is starches and meat. It makes me sick! I've had to eat other things the last few days to calm my stomach down. I still feel kinda weird. Curry makin me sick! haha. Yesterday for P-day it rained all day and it was "caricom day" in Guyana so everything was closed. That was why i couldn't write yesterday. Instead we played risk and ordered pizza hut. Instead of regular risk we have "georgetown risk" which Elder Stebbing created. It was way fun. Me and one of the zone leaders, Elder Scott, had a secret alliance and wasted Elder Marshal and Stebbing.

I can't write more. Keep asking questions so I know what to answer right away! Also, tell Ryan to send me more weird, fat, skinny, ugly ties. They are worth lots here.

BTW, tell dad sorry about the phone calls (in Atlanta). I didn't know how expensive they were. Also, FYI, Guyanese dollars are worth 1/200 of a US dollar. So in the bank I pulled out 54000 dollars of my monthly money given to me from the church for food, etc. (270 US). I had a huge wad of 1000 dollar bills. I'll have to send a picture.

Well, I love you mom and everyone at home. Tell them I love them and I couldn't write Amber back but tell her thanks for emailing and sending those pictures!!

I miss home already! Hahah.

Elder Morris


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