Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hey Mom!

This past week was a really good one. Thought I’d mention I’m feeling much better but am not eating as much or else I start to feel sick again. I feel great now. Probably just hadn’t gotten used to the climate/area whatever. I sweat like crazy here! You should see my collars after a hard day’s work. Dark brown! Haha. Don’t worry I bought some spray and wash.

To answer questions from you, yes! We do work with the new converts. We teach them all the lessons over again. President Gamiette said that if the convert stays active for 42 days after baptism they stay active. Pretty cool statistic. Veneta moved over the river to Esecuevo for a short time but she’s solid. She’ll be back soon. The Salims’ grandmother died this week so they have been over the river as well this week

Did you know that most people here only make 200 dollars US a month? We get 540 as a companionship just for food and travel. I can’t imagine. Btw that is 108,000 guyanese dollars. Haha!

Zone conference this week!! WOW!!!!!!!!!! That’s all I can say. I learned SO SO SO much. WE took the beatitudes found in the Sermon on the Mount both in BOM and Matthew and we learned that they are more important than we think. We made a list of each thing we need to do. Like mourn for our sins. That’s important! Repentance is absolutely essential and we need to OWN the atonement and know it is extremely positively important before we can teach others about it. And when teaching others we need to make sure they OWN it as well. That’s what makes them prepared for baptism. To make sure they know how important it is and how it applies to them. I don’t have time to say everything I learned but believe me I learned TONS. I feel different. Like a different person. President Gamiette is an incredible person and I have a lot to learn from him. WOW.

We were only able to baptize one person this weekend. We had three that were ready but they required second interviews by someone in the mission presidency. After talking with President Gamiette he decided to push back Stacy’s baptism and Michelle’s as well. Stacy will be getting baptized this weekend and Michelle in 2 or three weeks. Angela, a short Amerindian lady, way nice, got baptized by me this weekend! Picture included. She is super short! She moved in last week and had been taught by the missionaries in Linden. They are breaking new ground and are having great success there. She was very ready and is always feeling the spirit. She knows without a doubt this is the true church. And so do I! Soon a stake will be in place in Georgetown and from there we will be able to go into the interior and over the Esecuevo river. The interior sounds AWESOME! We will be the first missionaries to ever step foot into there. I can’t imagine what it’d be like. I can’t believe that I’ve been here for 4 weeks and have 4 baptisms. They said to anticipate a baptism a week!

About Wilt Weekend. It didn’t work out at all. 38 people in the entire mission!! Not good. Only 2/6 companionships baptized this weekend in Georgetown . It was too bad. There are 5 zones in Guyana to put it in perspective. I love it though. I think it was a lesson to not focus on the number, but making sure that each person is really ready to enter the waters into baptism and make a covenant with God. Retention is a big problem here. People think that baptism is the final step instead of the beginning. They get forgotten and forget the church and continue with their lives. Our branch, Georgetown 2nd, has a really good program set up to go out and retrieve those people. Thursday nights the Relief Society, Priesthood, and Young Women go out and visit less actives to help them come back to church. It’s working pretty good. I like our branch. Some way cool, crazy, awesome people. Haha, just thinking about em makes me laugh. I’ll take a video of the branch this week and send it so you can meet them! If I have time of course!

Dad wanted me to include some ideas on how to study preach my gospel. Go through it each chapter and do each activity. Do companion studies with mom too. At the end of each chapter it has them. Member missionary work is ESSENTIAL here. Please help the missionaries and think of referrals for them. They LOVE it. Just go through the whole book doing each activity and every activity at the end of each chapter. Also, do the Christ like attributes quiz and figure out what you could improve on each week and work on it for that week! A lot of things I know, but it’ll help. It helps me! I see how important Preach My Gospel is now. I see why each missionary comes home wishing he would have studied it before he went on the mission. I’m keepin up though no worries.

BTW give my congratulations to Rachel (Gray) on her engagement! Dad told me about it. Todd seems like a cool guy.
Well that’s all I can really say. I love getting your emails and I work hard to make sure to reply to everything you ask me! I love it here. What a unique environment, walking down the street, being called white boy archers (gay white boys), jokin with drunk rastas, (dreadlocks Bob Marley types), playing cricket, etc. It’s all good. Haha I like being called spies too. They think we’re really from the FBI. Haha it’s way fun. Well I love you mom. More next week!
Elder Morris.


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