Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Email from Nate - June 29, 2009

Hey everyone!

I am really likin it here. I dunno about love, but it's very good. Our apartment i'm just not used to haha. It's open to the outside totally pretty much, so we get mosquitos, ants, supposedly rats live under thefloorboards. I loved Trinidad, the mission home is gorgeous. A/C too! That's a rarity here. The people are way nice here. Very open and you say, "afternoon","alright", "yeah yeah", to mostly everyone. Most of the houses here are a downstairs and a downstairs, some even more separated than that. Very run down place. Most of the people get by on basically nothing. You look around you right now, realize the total luxury the states really have. It's a 10 star hotel compared to here. I'm including a few pictures. I played cricket today with the Georgetown Zone vs. LaGrange zone. We owned! 24 to 22. Haha it was pretty fun. I guess i'm a goodbowler (pitcher). Look up cricket and some youtube or something. It's way fun. Mom, Dad, I can't respond to your emails cause I don't have much time. Also, anyone that reads this, I'm allowed to email pretty much anyone I want except women inside the georgetown zone. Haha that applies to missionaries that take girls home for marry. I'm already speakin like the Guyanese. Haha! So yeah email me! I'll try as hard as I can to email back. A little about the work. Baptizing is going crazy in Guyana. We, as the whole country of Guyana elders, comprising 5 zones, are going for the record of 67 baptisms in one weekend. We took it a little further. We are calling July 18th and 19th "Wilt Weekend". Think about it. Wilt chamberlain scored 100 points in one game. We're going for 100 baptismsas a goal for that weekend. We all added up our goals and as a country we think we can get even more, say 167 baptisms in one weekend. That's every companionship's goal put together. Ours is 6. We should be able to do it! This week we have 3 baptisms. First week in the mission and i'm already baptizing. This couple, Valerie and Talim Salim are getting married on saturday and then baptized sunday morning. It'll be great.This 15 year old girl, Vanitta is getting baptized Tuesday. So this is going crazy as you can see. I love the work. Tracting ain't as much fun, but it's fun to call on houses. "Oy, afternoon inside!" They come out and we invite them to church. Then we try to testify what we can, and see if we can teach a lesson. As you can imagine, rejection is plentiful but we've been able to tract out a few families that we are now teaching in the short time i've been here. I'm not used to this though! It's crazy. A problem with the work here is marriage. Chastity issues like crazy down here. This lady is way interested, loves what we teach and feels the spirit all the time, but the guy she lives with is always gone and never there for lessons. We can't baptize her unless they get married. It's Monika and George by the way. An Amerindian couple. (American Indians.) There are tons of hindus, catholics, and muslims down here which make the work a bit tough. The members are really fun and nice too. I liked church, I'll send pictures of the building another time. It takes way too long to send pictures via computer. I'll be doing dvd's and sending em home via the mail. Hey also, you can mail me here. It's not too bad, or not as bad as they say. Just no valuables or things i don't desperately need. The senior couple's address is C/O Evans 243 Cedar Courts Lamaha GardensGeorgetown, Guyana, South America Hey i have no more time to email. Sorry! I'll send ya more pictures and emails next week i guess. I love it here so far. People way nice, it's fun to talk the talk too. LIke crazy misbehavin children ya call "Ya little baderation mon!" Haha it's fun. Well don't worry about me. I'm safe, doing God's work. He'll protect me. I'm workin hard. I'll talk to you later!
Elder Morris


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