Friday, May 20, 2011


Happy Easter Monday! Do you celebrate that at home? I forgot.. but they do here! It's a holiday but the internet shop lady opened just for us. she is awesome. This past week was a big ol' rollercoaster. Companion problems were the low part of it, and the high part of the rollercoaster was trinidad.

Here is why i loved the meeting in Trinidad.
1. I saw Elder Beeson. Haven't seen him since last April.
2. I saw Elder Prince. Haven't seen him since last August.
3. I shook hands with President Vinas of the 70.
4. We had an amazing meeting where the spirit was there in abundance.
5. I got to fly in a plane!

I didn't get to eat any doubles which was disappointing, but i did get to have trinidad KFC which is the best KFC in the entire world. Seriously. I'm turning black. Not in color but i talk like one and eat like one. FRIED CHICKEN!

The meeting with President Vinas was pretty great. It was really basic and wasn't as deep as i thought it would be. We talked mostly of the challenges the church is experiencing in the caribbean. Mostly with the leaders of the individual branches. We read a lot out of Handbook 2 of the church handbook of instructions and focused on the missionaries role in the missionary work of the branch. It was a really good experience and I learned a lot. It was quite the opportunity to be at that meeting.

I don't really need to go into details about the companion stuff, really it sufficeth me to say it was enough trials and is pushing my endurance to its limits.

Saturday, while i was in Trinidad, Annie Brown was baptized. I don't have pictures yet of it but i will soon. I heard it went really well. This upcoming saturday the Woodward family will be baptized as well. They hopefully will be ready for their interview and all will go well for this weekend.

My birthday as you can guess was just a normal day, except i ate at subway, and bought reeses' peanut butter cup ice cream. Delicious. Thanks dad! My companion actually wasn't hungry and didn't want ice cream. He was depressed that day. Oh well.

I will surely get your packages this week! Hopefully. I got Grandpa's birthday card which was a great surprise. It was fun to hear from him. Please let him know how much I love him and am grateful for him!

I don't have much more to report about, transfers are next week so i'll find out about that this week. Pray for a change. I've been here forever... haha.

I love you all and thanks for all you do!

Elder Morris


Elder Nathan Morris

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