Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hello everyone! This past week was kinda bad actually. I had food poisoning on Thursday, then we’re moving into a new apartment. Infact we already did, this morning. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! It’s overlooking the ocean, has air conditioning, hot water, huge fridge, brand new appliances, all from the states.. I tell ya what it’s amazing.. And! It’s half the price of our other apartment. That took up way too much time so we weren’t able to get tons done. Sadly. I hit kinda a mental wall this past week. I was having a tough time keeping myself going but i received a lot of personal revelation which really helped transform me. I am feeling tons better now and am ready to get some work done. Elder Bharat asked me, is Sister Nicholls going to be your last baptism? I didn’t know how to answer that cause i don’t want it to be but i think it will be. But what a great baptism to end on..

Sister Nicholls gave a talk on Testimony this past week in church and it was awesome. She bore a powerful one and i was way proud of her. Shevorn John is teaching the Young Women’s class now and is doing awesome. I’m really happy with all of these people. Things are going so well for them. We’re having a bit of trouble getting the other leaders (except President Jackson – you gotta meet that guy) to do their jobs. Church was great on Sunday though. No kids peeing on the floor or mental teenagers. Hah.

Mom – just an idea, dad was telling me that you’re putting together a bunch of stuff from my mission. I have a ton of awesome pictures that we can all look at and print out when i get back. So don’t think that all the pictures i’ve sent is it. Haha.

In other news, i’m leaving in the nick of time. Carnival is beginning about a week after i leave. I’m so sick of seeing their “costumes”(really just an excuse to wear lingerie on the streets) and hearing their disgusting music.. That’s one thing i won’t miss about the Caribbean. They’re already starting a bunch of festivities and stuff so the Elders in Kingstown are surrounded by sin.. haha.

I don’t know what else to report on, really. Tell Elder Cox i miss him bad. He is awesome and i’m sure that he was a legit missionary.I hope things are going well at home and i can’t believe things are going so fast. Yes, time is still flying by. Life is good though. Can’t believe i won’t be a missionary for much longer.... i don’t know how to feel about that one.

I love ya tons!

Elder Morris


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