Monday, May 23, 2011


I really don't have much to say... i don't know why!

Church was crazy yesterday. A child peed her pants during sacrament meeting making a mess everywhere, meanwhile a 16 year old kid with mental problems was just making one set of problems for everybody at church, asking for money, stealing food from the kitchen, etc. It was quite the sunday...

The week was pretty good. We worked really hard and had a lot of great lessons. We found several new people we can start working with. So that's good. Patrick and Natasha's other daughter that's 10 should be baptized in the next few weeks. The branch is doing kinda good. Most people here can't get over the traditional belief that God and Christ are the same person. Few members get the basic doctrines of the church. That's been quite the obstacle to overcome.

Ah. One thing. I love the hymn selection of "A poor wayfaring man of grief." for the sacrament meeting on the 19th. Did you know that was my absolute favorite hymn? You had to know... haha. I'd like to know the topic i'll be speaking on too...

That's about it though i guess. hah. I love ya tons!


Elder Nathan Morris

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Kingstown, St. Vincent
West Indies


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