Friday, May 20, 2011


On Thursday of this past week I received a phone call from the Assistants. I will be staying with Elder Bharat in Calliaqua to finish my mission. Quite the uninteresting transfer, ent? They're opening up a new area and we'll get the car full time. Yes! We had been sharing it during the week. We had it Tuesday through Thursday then Elder Stewart had it Friday through Monday.

We did have 2 baptisms this past weekend. Patrick and Natasha Woodward. The fact that it happened Saturday is the real miracle. He was working day-shift this week so we had to meet with him in the night. Here's the catch. We had to teach them a bunch of stuff and get them interviewed on Thursday. Well, we didn't get to teach them at all throughout the week until Friday night at 8 o clock. We had a great lesson, taught them the rest of the things they needed for the interview. Before this lesson we thought we weren't having a baptism and it'd need to be pushed back. Well we had Elder Stewart come over in the morning and interview Patrick and Natasha at about 8 in the morning Saturday. They passed and we set the baptism for that same day for 4 o clock. The baptism went great! Now, Patrick was working Sunday during the day but in order to receive the gift of the holy ghost (and to keep the day holy) he missed work to go to church with his family. He won't lose his job or anything, he works for a security company and they're easy about stuff like that, but it was a great sacrifice that he needed to make and because he made that he'll be blessed immensely. It was a great experience to see the Lord's hand in making sure that they were added to the fold this weekend.

Sunday night the other elders came over after planning to spend the night and we baked the awesome cake in my package, and decorated the apartment. Haha it was 2 weeks late and we just did it for fun and some funny pictures but it was a fun time. Delicious cake by the way... wow.

Weird to hear about the new appliances. Our kitchen will look completely different! I'll cook ya some chicken curry if ya let me. Roti too! By the way, I don't know how to pay for tuition for BYU so if you could help me and do it, that would make my day! Everything is changing so rapidly it seems. Young single adult stakes? That's way weird! I was expecting to just go back to the family ward for a couple months. Oh well change is good, haha.

To answer your question, Dad, I am interested in what's going on in the NBA finals. I'm not like obsessed with it but it's nice to hear what news is going on. Crazy thing about Bin Laden and all that. Hope nothing bad happens because of it.

As per mother's day, i think i added you already on the Henderson's computer but i'll be skyping you about 7 o clock our time, which i think is 4 o clock your time. i think.. I'm excited too but yeah it doesn't feel the same cause i'll just be there in a few weeks.

I only remember a couple times where missionaries ate at our house. I cannot imagine having a dinner appointment every single day of the week. Most days we don't even eat dinner. The only times are the rare occurrence of a member feeding us (about once a week). Sounds like you had fun though. I had myself a potato bar this past week. Chili and cheese on the potato but it works for me and it was delicious. We're buying more today. I hope and pray nothing happens with the flooding.

Things are going well here in St. Vincent though. I"m happy, Elder Bharat and I are doing alot better together and the work is progressing. I'm staying strong and not very trunky, just doin the normal thing. I love ya tons!

Elder Morris

I attached some pictures. 2 before the baptism, 1 of the Browne family (the girl in the yellow is Annie, who was baptized last weekend), then 2 of our birthday party Sunday night.


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