Sunday, April 24, 2011


I love it here. The people, the culture (the good parts of it. not the rum), the scenery, etc.

This past week was good. Really busy getting everybody transfered and to and from the airport but it went well. Elder Bharat is now my companion and he's a short east indian kid. haha. that's really how i can describe him. I don't have pictures yet or i'd send some. But he is way cool! Elder Beeson served with him for like 3 transfers and he is just a really hard worker. He's focused on the missionary work 100 percent and that's helping me stay strong. I'm just happier when we're working as hard as we can.

With all the school stuff, i wrote in my journal basically the same thing. How in awe I was of how Heavenly Father opened up the way for everything just perfectly. Signing up for summer semester, registering for classes, etc. I really didn't ever feel way good about you coming to pick me up and now we know why! I had to go to school 3 days after i get home. Haha. I dunno i'm excited to live at home during the summer and also go to school. Everything really just went well. Just trust in the Lord and all things will work out. I was happy about it all.

This week is going to be way hard to get stuff done. Here's why.
Thursday=33 missionaries fly in to St. Vincent for zone conference (i'll be driving to and from the airport all day.)
Friday=Zone Conference from 9-4, Fireside from 7-8.
Saturday=General Conference
Sunday=General Conference.

That basically leaves us 2 days to get work done. But it'll be good. We found a lady from St. Lucia last week named Kizey (pronounced Kizzie). She was super interested and actually called us over asking us what we teach. She has never really been close with her Heavenly Father and wants to be baptized. She coudln't come to church this week but the next two weeks she'll come and then get baptized. Really it was exciting. We've already taught her a bunch and she's doing awesome. We also started teaching Sister Rogers' (member/recent convert) granddaughter, Shana. She has come to church the past month or two. she's 21 but she told us she wants to get baptized. Before she was very hesitant and didn't do anything we invited her like reading or such. So we stopped teaching her. But this past week we picked her back up and now she'll be baptized on the 9th. She's doing great and really is preparing herself.

Life is good here in the West Indies. I couldn't really be happier. The only way i'd be happier is if Prince and Beeson were here with me. I'll see wha ti can work out with president for my last transfer ;).

I can't believe the weeks are just coming to an end. I really don't have much time left. But i'm working hard and things are going well in St. vincent. Elder Stewart is here with me and he's training a next missionary. He was an ap when i was in the office and he's a way good missionary. We're all going to see some great miracles come our way here in St. vincent.

I dunno what else to say. I love you all and am excited to be there soon, but i wouldn't be anywhere else right now.

Love, Elder Morris


Elder Nathan Morris

PO Box 601
Kingstown, St. Vincent
West Indies


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