Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So guess what? On Friday afternoon I received a call from the assistants. They informed us of our transfers on Wednesday. Every single person on the island is leaving, except me! Haha. I'll be staying in Calliaqua with an elder named Elder Bharat. He's guyanese, and east indian, about 5 feet tall, and 90 pounds. He served awhile with Elder Beeson and I think it'll be a good transfer. He's a good missionary i hear. Last time i served around Elder Bharat was my 3rd transfer when i was in Rose Hall in Guyana. Before he was a set apart full time missionary. Kingstown is going back to 2 missionaries and Elder Stewart, one of the AP's when i was in the office is going to train a new missionary there. It'll be an interesting transfer. I really liked serving around Elders Barstow, Ackerman, and Peterson. Elder Murray and I were just getting some things going here in Calliaqua but he'll grow a lot going back to Guyana.

Calliaqua branch was awesome on Sunday. President Macintosh was here with his wife and a lot got done! Brother Rondell Lewis served as a temporary missionary for last week with Elder Peterson and he was ordained an Elder on Sunday. He is too old to go on a mission but he is doing so great. It's awesome to see people's conversion push them for bigger and better things. He now is preparing to go to the temple at the end of this year. The branch is doing a ton better. We don't have any really good investigators right now, honestly. But there's a part member family where the daughter (10) will be baptized in a couple weeks. Then there's a granddaughter of a member that's 20 that's been coming to church the last several weeks. She'll probably be baptized in April we just haven't been able to work with her a lot. Really we just keep getting tons of distractions keeping the work back. We did 3 service things last week and all day Saturday we helped with a marraige at the Kingstown church (awesome actually. Young couple getting sealed in the temple this week). We weren't able to get a lot of work done in the field cause of all this. We gotta limit the service we give. Usually people don't like us to help but we've been weeding farms, building houses, etc the past 5 weeks. haha it's fun but it really takes a toll on me. (Physically and Mentally)

Life is good in general. I'm relieved that you're not coming to pick me up honestly. Now i can just focus on things that matter most. I am excited to finish strong. It'll be fun to go back with all of you to see the mission but it'll be fun to meet ya'll at the airport in a couple months. Can't believe Ryan Nelson is gonna be home this time next month. Crazy sauce. yesterday was a good day. We ate dinner at the Henderson's and they fed us delicious chicken enchiladas and had cake and ice cream. I love having a couple here serving... :D

I love ya tons and am grateful for everything and all of the encouragement. I wouldn't be anywhere else right now.

Elder Morris


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