Sunday, April 24, 2011


Life is good, again, here in St. Vincent. I've been here awhile!! I need a change of scenery... I had a dream a few nights ago i'll be going to St. maarten to finish my mission but that just wouldn't make sense. Who knows? Haha.

No baptisms this week but this week was good for finding new people to teach. We found the Woodward family which are really cool and prepared. (A real family!!! They don't drink, smoke, do drugs, beat their kids, etc.) They have values! They all want to get baptized, however didn't come to church. Neither did anyone really that were preparing to be baptized last week. Shana couldn't come again, we don't know what to do with her. She just doesn't have the fire she used to. The woodwards had a weird concern. We taught the plan of salvation, but they believed that all we do is sit around and glorify god forever and ever after we die. We're all brothers and sisters up there and there is no need for families in heaven. What?? What's the point? Why would God create us for that purpose?? We all know his work but it was just interesting to hear others' views of God's plan for us. The knowledge we have as saints is just priceless. I dunno we had a good week. Elder Bharat was sick a couple days, but our zone here in St. Vincent is kickin butt. We're going to have some baptisms by the end of this month. A wife of a member came to church, Sister Nichols, and just told us that she is finally ready to be baptized. Great! I have no objections at all! Haha being a missionary is really fun sometimes.

I have gotten into the fad of listening to firesides, conference talks, etc. I can get them on the church website and put them on my ipod during my hour here. This week is a Bruce R. McConkie week. His voice freaks me out sometimes. He yells when he gets really into the talk, but they're always mind-blowing.

i'm 21 next week. That means i have the option of legally purchasing alcohol in the United States! However here all you have to be is 18. However, here no one cares, i saw a 6 year old purchase a huge bottle of rum last week. Rum, marijuana, and immorality is just rampant here. But! I was thinking about it today and I just love these people. There are some great ones. For example, a member named Gracie. she is a gem. She loves to feed us. This past week she fed us Turtle, iguana, cow skin (yes.... the skin of a cow.. there was hair on it still too. nasty), and cow bobby (breast - really she means the utter... yes... the utter.... yes... it was gross!). However whenever she cooks normal food it is always amazing. vincy people are so generous and willing to serve. They're an example to me of the lady that gave those 2 mites compared to the rich guys giving just part of their wealth.

I love hearing your testimonies and the things that the Lord is doing for all of you. Know that I love you all tons!

Elder Morris


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