Sunday, April 24, 2011


What a week! Airport runs, zone conference, fireside, general conference (all 5 sessions), and phew... it's over. We were extremely busy but were able to get a lot done as well. Our baptism this week didn't come to church so next week it'll be pushed back to. My soul was filled however and am ready as ever to keep going. (sounds cheesy but true.) My favorite thing ever was President Eyring's joke at the beginning of his talk in Priesthood session. that was hilarious. "Well.. pete went to prison too.... I lived in a tough neighborhood..." haha. All of conference was amazing. Elder Bednar's talk on revelation, Elder Scott's talk on his marraige to Jeanine. I learned tons and am excited for what lies ahead in my life.

Zone Conference was pretty good as well. Now, our car is pretty beat up due to past missionaries not knowing how to drive well. Therefore we are missing the rear bumber and there's dents all over the front bumper. Having no choice I proceeded to pick President Gamiette and the Assistants up in that vehicle on Friday morning. Luckily he was so disappointed in the car he told me to secure a new car. Hooray! We need one bad. Haha if all goes well. It was a good conference however and even though there were 30 missionaries here Heavenly Father helped us get everyone back and forth where they need to be on time. Everything went great!

Now, here's something I'm embarrased about. In Priesthood session there were 4 local members that hold the priesthood, 6 missionaries (including Sister Henderson) and 3 wives of those local members. Really?? The most important time of the year to be there and nobody shows.. I dunno. Not many realize the full import of having a prophet on the earth. I made some resolutions which i will never break. 1, never to miss priesthood session of general conference. 2, to feast on the word of christ daily. 3, to be a full tithe payer. I dunno it's just simple.

life is good here in vincent, nothing much else to report. I'm happy and healthy.

Love ya!

Elder Morris


Elder Nathan Morris

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