Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good morrow!

I will be emailing on Wednesdays from now on I guess. Haha. Whatever.

Big changes this last week. The night before transfers, President Gamiette called at 10:30 at night changing both Elder Beeson's transfers and Elder Barton's. Elder Beeson is now back in Canje, Berbice in Guyana. The same area he was trained in. Lucky! Elder Barton is now not an AP, but is now in Rosignol, Berbice in Guyana. Crazy. He is dying this transfer and his family is picking him up. Lucky they both get to go back to Guyana.

I am now with Elder Miles. He is a genius on computers, knows how to program anything, write programs, etc. He is from canada, but his family is now living in Orem, Utah. He has "plantar fasciitis" meaning his muscles on the bottom of his feet are damaged. He can walk for about 10-15 minutes at a time. I'm definitely going to miss Elder Beeson though. He helped push me a lot and we became great friends because of it. Hope i get to serve with him again. Elder Miles and I get along fine.

Things are tough with a car and a companion that can't walk around. Usually when appointments would fall through, we'd be able to walk around and contact, tract, etc. Now we can't really do that. It's a lot harder to fill your day. Driving in trinidad is absolutely crazy. Narrow roads and fast crazy drivers make for an interesting environment to say the least. I've gotten used to it now. Now the trouble will be when I get home I won't be used to driving on the right hand side of the road in nice wide streets. It will be fun. Haha. We drive a 2005 Toyota Corolla. Drives pretty good.

We're working in the office now. It's in Valsayn which is like a 15 minute drive away. We enter numbers, take care of some finances, etc. Basically take care of the background stuff that happens in the mission. Right now I'm working on the slideshow on President Gamiette's Macbook for the mission. It's pretty cool but I'd rather be walking the streets teaching.... Someone's gotta do it though. We're there from about 10:30 until 4:30 or 5. That'll be temporary until we get things organized then we can leave earlier to get more work done. I have a personal (and almost companioinship) goal to get 25 lessons a week still. That's the standard in the zone and I want to get it BAD. I want to prove to the Lord that even though I have 7 hours taken away during the day I can still get some work done. I'm excited to work. I feel strengthened spiritually to go ahead and do work!

Last night we dropped simone. That sounds bad. We basically have taught her everything and she has accepted everything, it's just now her choice on whether or not she will leave her alcoholic boyfriend and take the 2 kids, get baptized and start a happy life. The choice sounds easy but it's really driving her nuts. she said she'll continue to come to church every week though. She's way cool.

We're teaching this guy named Mussah from Nigeria. He can only speak arabic and french. Lucky for me I have a french companion. Haha. He seems way cool. Says that he feels power from the book of mormon, says that it feels like it triumphs over evil. We are teaching with President tomorrow evening to see him and invite him to baptism. He's way cool.

It was a pretty good week I guess. Lots of changes, getting used to things, but it's still good. I'll keep a good head on, endure this next transfer with joy, not with pain. It'll be tough but it is very possible.


Elder Morris

PS: I went to Grenada on Wednesday for a few hours. Haha. We took a taxi, (me Elders Christensen, Clark, and Chambers) and got some real milk from the states at a Grocery store.... YUM. Haven't had it in months. Then went back and came back to Trinidad. Very cool little trip I got to take. I'm lucky to be in this mission.. Haha

Pictures sent:
Elder Beeson, Rita and I at Armina chapel after Oliva's baptism.
Sunset out of our apartment window
Me in Grenada holding real milk. I know it's not a good picture! It was at night. NOt much room for good pictures.
Everybody before the party on Monday. We had a family home evening/ birthday party. Haha.
The Cooks. Starting from Left. Rita, Dorris, Bro. Ningwah, Sis. Ningwah. Delicious food.
A West Indian Birthday. Starting from Bottom Left. Roti, The plates and napkins Mom sent, Curry Potato, Curry Beef, Curry Shrimp, then pizza and a "volcano cake" made by Sis. Ningwah. Soooo good.
Me and Rita
The birthday card Rita made for me. Dorris and Rita are definitely angels. Haha


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