Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello America!

Things were fantastic this past week. Olivia Jones got baptized this weekend. It was a great baptism. We got about 15 members to come too which is always good. At Amos’ there was only like 5. She is doing great and will be a great addition to the Curepe ward.

We had Zone Conference this past week. Again like last time they had it at the mission home which is so cool. Our zone isn’t as unified as last time so it wasn’t as good as a conference as last time but still very very good. Learned so much. Me and Elder Beeson got called up to demonstrate teaching the first lesson and we were so dang nervous. Didn’t do as good as we have done in the past. Thrown in the refiner’s fire. Learned a lot. Also, President Gamiette’s main message to us was about the priesthood. Learned a lot of deep things about it. It was pretty intense. Very cool stuff. Dad, I’ll have to show ya when I get back.

Today was definitely one of the best p-days on my mission. The zone slept over at our apartment last night, and all 16 of us went to Maracas Beach for sunrise. Left the apt. at 4:30 AM. We got there at about 6:30 so a little late for sunrise but such a sweet time. I’m attaching a document with pictures cause that’s the only way I can send them at this shop. We played football on the beach then waded around, taking sweet pictures, just havin a blast. The rule here is that you can wade around in the water up to your knees really, but obviously no swimming. So much fun.

Amos’ sisters came to church this weekend. They’re in their 20’s and seem interested. We are teaching them the first lesson tomorrow. We’ll see how things go. Our solid investigators couldn’t come to church yesterday. We have a lot of work to do this work but we’ll get it done. Thank goodness we’re on Heavenly Father’s side.

I got the birthday package! Came on Friday haha. Got here very quickly. Thank you so much. I loved everything I got. Haha Elder Beeson's favorite candy is Airheads so when he saw those he was quick to offer a trade haha. By the way! Nice ties!!! Many people were jealous :D. Also the BYU shirt, propel water powder, the CD, you guys did too dang much! I am way lucky to have such a sweet family. Thanks! I’m excited to throw a party for myself with the stuff you sent on the 19th. Haha. Things are goin well with me though, don't worry. No complaints!

Love, Elder Morris

PS: Sounds like you guys are super busy!! Thanks for taking the time to write!


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