Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 12, 2010


Exciting week this past week. Found out my next transfer which happens this Wednesday. I will be…..(drumroll)……. Staying in San Juan!! But. Here is the good/bad news. Bad news first. Elder Beeson will be going to St Lucia. Good news, Elder Beeson will be going to St. Lucia. He’s going to love it. I’ll miss him a lot. We’ve had a lot of fun these past 3 months. We definitely did some good tie trades though. I now have his superman tie and a couple nice ones he had. He now has a few ties I didn’t really care about so we’re good. Haha.

My new companion will be Elder Miles. He has been in Guadeloupe which is in the French side. I hear he’s a pretty nice guy though. He has a hurt foot so we will actually be office elders. Working in the office mornings and a little bit in the afternoon. We’ll have a car which will make things pretty nice. But… that means I need to work out a lot more. I do not want to gain any weight. That’s the goal. Because of his hurt foot I have to be the one to drive. Now in order to drive here you have to have been here for less than 90 days. Well I’ve been here for more than 90 days so I get to go to Grenada for a day then fly back. That’ll probably happen Tuesday or Wednesday. That’ll be way fun. Gorgeous island. Dang I love this mission. Haha.

Elder Prince is going to St. Vincent. So Elder Beeson just missed him. The AP’s are staying the same so the apartment will be pretty fun.

This past week was definitely better than the last few. Sundays always make or break the week. This Sunday was great! Amos’ sisters, his neice, and his aunt came to church. His 2 sisters will be baptized either this weekend or next. Names are Onella and Shereena. Jeremy King has been teaching them at their home for us because of it being in a dangerous community. Beetham Gardens. Oh the ghetto.

Tony and Cindy, Simone and her kids, and a couple of others that said they were coming did not come to church. Very disappointing. We might have to drop them this week.

Story time. Alright so yesterday we ate at Doris and Rita’s house, which is always phenomenal. They are angels to say the least. If you come and pick me up we will definitely go there. We were very full. Elder Beeson and Scott fell asleep just sitting on the couch after lunch. After that we went by Simone’s to check on them to see what happened. They said they had to go buy things for school tomorrow…. Goodness. So much for keeping the Sabbath day holy. Anyways we went to her brother’s house and taught them the first lesson. They didn’t understand too well but they are coming to church next week. His name is Roffman. His wife, unbeknownst to us, made us a ton of food. A big bowl full of pelau (pretty much fried rice with meat in it, has coconut in it which makes it taste very good actually.), also a baked potato with meat inside of it, and a big piece of lasagna. Remember this is about 30 minutes after we ate a huge lunch after fasting which makes you fuller anyways. I definitely prayed I would be able to eat it and somehow we ate the whole thing and didn’t feel sick at all. Thank goodness for tender mercies.

This week was just a fun week. We taught a lot of people, and just, I dunno, just had a great week. It was fun. You’re always happier at the end of the week knowing you gave all that you could. It’s like Jacob 1:19 or Omni 1:26. We gotta offer our whole souls as a sacrifice. Serve with all our heart. All our minds. It was a happy week.

I don’t really have much else to report. Mom and Dad it sounds like you guys are doing fantastic. Thanks for your great attitude which always lifts me and helps me all the time.

Much Love, Elder Morris

PS: To Emilee and her new husband. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wish I could be there. I hear everything was great! Sorry I can't really do anything for ya so far away. Haha.


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