Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April 28, 2010

Good morning Vietnam! (If you remember this popular TV show quote you get a gold star)

Basically, this week was a mild one. Office Tuesday through Friday, then Saturday the Luster's, the office senior couple, made us stay from 9-1 watching over the office while the cleaning crew came and cleaned it. Talk about a waste of half a day. President wasn't happy about that one. They're a little confused right now, they weren't trained very long and now have to figure out everything on their own which isn't working.

Some cool, interesting experiences this past week. Thursday. President Gamiette came teaching with us. Because he knows French we went and taught Mussah, the Nigerian man. Now... when Elder Miles taught him, he thought he understood everything and was excited to learn more. President gets there with us and the first question he asked was, "what do you believe in?" A question that Elder Miles forgot to ask. Turns out, Mussah has been a Muslim all his life and his family has ever since recorded history has been popular. President is a champ though. He just asked a whole set of questions, and then bore a very strong testimony of Jesus Christ. By the end of the lesson Mussah had agreed to ask God if Christ was the son of God. I felt bad for Elder Miles, he didn't know what to teach and President would turn the time over to him and he'd just be silent. President really is a man of God though. I felt the spirit very strongly even though it was in French the whole time.

Yesterday was a cool experience. We're at district meeting at the chapel and the Trinidad Central Zone leaders call and say that we were supposed to pick them up and take them to the airport. Something that was never told to us. So we had to zip it out of there to take them to the airport. On our way, Elder Luster (Mission office) called and said that we need to go to the Marriot in Port of Spain after we are done to pick up Elder Alvarado (Area 70) and take him to the mission home. So we get to the Marriot and are waiting for him to come. He comes down finally, gets in the car, then the first thing he asks us is "Elders, I am going to be the future mission president in the Puerto Rico San Juan mission. I need to learn how to teach the lessons better. Will you teach me a 15 minute plan of salvation lesson?" We agreed and taught a general authority the Plan of Salvation. It was going great. We were using good scriptures, asking good questions, things were sweet until we got to the part to teach the Atonement and our life on earth. I finished teaching about the fall of Adam and Elder Miles began teaching about the spirit world and resurrection. It then began to fall apart. Haha luckily a phone call interrupted us then we began talking about what was good/bad about it. I learned a lot from him. He talked about how I'm lucky to teach in my own language. It is a lot easier to become a better teacher in your language and any leadership calling in the church requires teaching. He said that because I am speaking English, I am being prepared for the leadership callings to come in the future. I thought it was pretty cool. Elder Alvorado, who I’ve met several times, is a way cool guy. Like 40 years old, kids, wife, etc. He taught us a lot of cool things and we had a good conversation. He didn't however grill us too hard. We know what we need to improve on.

Monday was a fantastic P-day. We ate at Ruby Tuesday’s and I had chicken tenders, fries, and onion rings. So good. I'm becoming pretty good friends with Elder Lang and Elder Olsen. (Elder Lang's aunt and uncle are the Lang's in our stake.) We had a blast. We drove them around, then went to our apartment and played Settlers of Catan and Monopoly. Great P-day.

Sister Gamiette (wife of mission president) is having us test a food plan. She gave us a shopping list, and recipes for the meals she's having us cook and eat this week. I'm going to write a letter with more details about stuff like this because I don't have much time but it was expensive!! Haha eating healthy is more expensive than I thought. We are eating some good food. We're having omelettes tonight with meat, cheese, green bell peppers, tomatoes, olives, etc. It's fantastic.

Well this week was alright. We are not teaching as much, finding as much success, but I'm still learning a lot. We just need to keep working our hardest. Heavenly Father will help us but we have to work for it. Amos' aunt came to church this past Sunday on her own, again. But Olivia and Amos did not. It's like the members just don't care. There's only so much we can do!! It makes me think what kind of member I’d be if I was at home. Tonight I'm gonna ask heavenly Father what need to do to change things. I am grateful Heavenly Father is there. He wants us to ask him for help. It is then when the windows of heaven can be opened. I love this Gospel. I love it so much. Where else can you find this much happiness? Nowhere.

I love the Lord, I love all of you. Thank you for your support.

Elder Morris


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