Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 9, 2009

Mom -

Life has been pretty crazy at the MTC! So many schedules, lots of work. The food is pretty decent, not to shabby. Yes it has been hard to not hug or shake hands with all the friends I see. Like I said in my last letter, I see them everywhere! About my mission scripture, I chose John 15:15-16. I forgot to tell the bishop before I left. Mom, I love your temple goal. Keep me updated. I miss you mom, I love you so much. I'm not homesick, but I do and will miss you very much. You asked about restrictions on the flu, so I'll tell you some stuff about it. Supposedly there have been over 50 cases of Swine flu. They keep them...on one floor...for 5 days while taking Tami flu - kind of like prision. Ha, ha, not really! Well Sunday night I felt really sick, fever, chills, cough, etc. I got my temp checked and it was 102. They took me to Insta-care, and the test came out negative. Got checked again yesterday, and negative again. Just now I was tested and it came out positive, so lucky me, I'm in quarantine. That's why I'm writing! I usually can only do it Wednesday's cause that's my P-day. So please write back, don't worry, I feel fine but they're making me stay. It's not all that bad. Lots of study time! But again, I love you mom. I wasn't gonna tell you, but I thought ya should know. I love you!

Nate (Elder Morris)

P.S. Don't worry!


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