Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 21, 2009


Last letter from the MTC! Some news: Elder Prince was running up some stairs and slipped and really hurt his knee. He went and got an MRI scan but the doctor won’t look at the results until Monday. So . . . that means Elder Prince won’t be flying with us. He’ll probably be held back a couple of weeks. This happens too often here! The district before us that used the same classroom/teachers was held back 2-3 weeks due to swine flu. Then 2 of those elders were held back another week or two. They’re going to Hawaii and have been here for 6 weeks on their 3 week MTC stay! I’m lucky that isn’t happening with me.

I’ve been packing up some of my stuff today and it is sad to be leaving. I’m going to miss my district - all awesome guys. About pictures, I got the message to send pictures too late. It takes 3-5 days to get them back for me to send them. When I get to the West Indies, I’ll put them all up on photobucket for you to use my first P-day.

To answer some questions: I was able to go to the Provo Temple Wednesday (P-day), and it was an amazing experience. I have been praying for another witness of the truth of the Gospel and such to just rejuvenate my testimony and I got it! I said a prayer in the temple and the Spirit really hit me strongly. I felt deep within my heart God’s love and the Spirit’s witness.

You guys sound super busy: many times going to the cabin, dance performances, etc. I was sorry to hear about Kira’s injury.

By the way Mom, germs die between 2-8 hours after contact. So, I didn’t give your pig sickness!J Check out Luke 15:15. We gave this scripture to the security people that brought us food. Ya know it was hard missing a week of the MTC but I caught up so we’re good.J Thank you for sending those things overnight! I saw the postage. Not cheap! Maybe next time don’t send the Gatorade overnight. It was tasty but maybe not worth 8 bucks of postage extra. Haha! I love you! I thought it was funny. Also thanks for the face medicine and address book. It was nice of you to gather all those addresses. Thank you so much. The rain has been awesome! I haven’t seen very much of it due to being cooped up studying all day but I have noticed more than normal. I wish I had Mom with me to help pack but I have to rely on my own skills! Better get used to that. This is all going so fast. A week from now I will be preaching the Gospel to real people! I’m nervous but prepared! It took hard work but I really have changed while I’ve been here.

I wanted to tell ya about something else I’ve been doing in the MTC. The RC (Referral Center) is where all the calls from pass-along card, TV commercials, etc. come. We send out free items, dvd’s, Books of Mormon, Bibles, etc. Then we follow up to see if they received them and if they liked it. We then offer another item and the missionaries to deliver it. If we get the missionaries to contact them and deliver the item, we count it as a referral. So, I am on the phone (with real people!) testifying and teaching about what I know to help them want the missionaries. It is scary! In my 2 visits, 1 hour each, I got 3 referrals. I felt pretty good!

Well, next time you’ll be hearing from me is when I’m in the West Indies. I love this gospel I’m learning and teaching. It can bless lives. Christ is waiting at the door for us to let him in. I am helping people know that He loves us and let them open that door for themselves. I have learned more about the restoration, for that is our unique message and truth we share with the world. I know what I’m doing is inspired of God and I am doing His work. I love you all very much!

Elder Nate Morris


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