Monday, June 8, 2009

First Letter

June 3, 2009

Morris Family!

Had my first day today. What a crazy experience. So many lines, mass confusion, but everywhere I turn there is friendly faces. Saw Elder (Ryan) Nelson a few times, Elder (Tobin) Prince is my roommate, but not my companion which is too bad. My companion is Elder Beeson and he's from Seattle. He was made the district leader actually so I get to go help him collect mail and other things. Looking at the schedule, I will be BUSY these next few days/weeks. Hours and hours of classes. Oh, good news, Elder Tanner Carr from High school and Jr. High is our zone leader...Also FYI I wasn't the only person with problems keeping the weight (of my luggage) down to 44 lbs! I miss you guys, but this experience is crazy. I'll be too busy to do much other than work. Thank you so much for everything you did to help me get ready. I love you all and miss you lots! Sorry I don't have time to write more. Love you, Elder Morris


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