Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 9, 2010

Hey everyone-

Things are going well here in Trinidad. This week was transfers and we were extremely busy as usual. It was great to take elder Scott and others who are on their way home to the airport Thursday morning. The mission is definitely losing some quality missionaries.

4th of July definitely wasn't as patriotic as they usually are. I did wear a red white and blue tie though. Monday July 5 we had a barbecue at the senior couple's house. Bring your own meat style. Way good. Had some delicious steaks and bratwurst, then had a devotional with all their neighbors. Pretty fun day. Transfer week has kept us extremely busy. We're never able to get much work done. In the field that is. We were too busy driving all around Trinidad... again. (By the way, mom, the biggest difference in driving here isn't the right side/left side debacle. It's the quality of drivers. People are crazy here and the streets are way narrow so it is just a different style of driving altogether. It's way fun. It's a lot more exciting driving here than back home.)

That's cool about the girl learning about the church in our ward. You don't have to know everything before baptism. Hope the foster parents let the missionaries set that baptism date. Too important. Here we set baptismal dates in the first lesson.

Yesterday I flew to Grenada, that was pretty neat. Haha. Had to go out then back in to renew my driving privileges in the country. I don't know why I don't just get an international driver's license but hey, a trip to Grenada is a trip to Grenada. Elder Gilley also came so we took a taxi to Grand Anse, ate some KFC, then went to the beach and took some pictures. It was pretty sweet. 2 more stamps in my passport so I'm happy.

We had our last show of Nuggle Radio last Friday night. It was a great one too. We'll start it back up when we get back home.

We had our end of transfer breakfast on Monday morning. We stayed the night Sunday night in Curepe and played "signs" for hours. Way fun haha. Woke up realizing nobody brought any food so we went to Rituals (Trinidad Starbucks) and got doughnuts and coffee free ice chillers. Made for a pretty good p-day.

Keisha is still doing great. Her sister was able to come. Natasha. She's a member but she hadn't been to our church in 4 years. Pretty awesome to see her there. Things are going well for them.

That's about it for me. Things are going fine, all is well in this part of Zion!

Much Love,

Elder Morris


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