Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 14, 2010

Remember Dave Smiley's hat, "Life is Good?" Good times. I still have my hat that he gave me when I got my eagle. HAHA tell him thanks for me.

I'm still with Elder Miles, the switch didn't end up happening.

Hey Dave. Dave Mecham. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Haha I can't do much all the way out here but here's an air high-five. Smack!

Life is goin pretty good right now. Dad we used that story of "A message to Garcia" in a meeting yesterday. We were talking about initiative and accountability, and it fit right in. It was a great meeting. Mom, I'm a little confused that girls think that nose/lip rings are attractive......They're not. Haha. You both still need to send me some action photos of you on those 4 wheelers. Way jealous! Please don't sell them right before I get home. Haha.

Transfer week x 2 today. Haha the new missionaries from the Dominican Republic MTC flew in last night and we've been busy preparing for them. The work never ends. I'm happy though. Me, Elder Lang, and Elder Olsen, get kicks out of picking odd, unused words like capitalize, supreme, or debacle, and saying them a lot to get the whole zone to say them. We're doing pretty good. Also we make up catch-phrases to describe certain situations like how if you do something that make you feel like a man we call it a "supreme situation." What's funny is that it has caught on with all of the other ones. Haha it's way fun.

Thanks Ryan for the ties. They are fantastic. To trick people in the office I've been changing them every couple of hours. Sister Mimi (the front dest secretary) is from Canada and is crazy. She thinks it's hilarious. Fun stuff.

P-day we played..............ULTIMATE FRISBEE!! Reminded me of old times. I miss playing at Southwood. What was even better was playing on Elder Prince's team! He still has his skills. Haha. It's sweet bein out here with him. Let alone him being in the same zone as me.

So get this. 2 weeks ago the missionaries in North Zone blitzed our area. Finally we saw some great success out of that on Saturday. We called one of the people they met and they said we could come. We came over and met Natalie and Prince. Way sweet couple. Gave us homemade mauby. (Look that up if you want to. Way food drink made out of tree bark.) Then we taught them about the restoration of the gospel, and priesthood authority. They were way excited. When we invited them to prepare to be baptized on the 31st, Natalie looked over at Prince and asked, "Well, what do you say?" Prince just says "yes of course!" Then Natalie loods back and says quickly "well me too." Haha they're really cool. taught them with President Gamiette on Sunday. He was impressed with them. We get there and the Netherlands Spain game is on at 82 minutes. President love football and so he looks at me and says, "Elder Morris we get to watch the game" Haha joking of course. Spiritual lesson and they are even more solid the the 31st. they are getting married in the next two weeks and so we don't have to worry about that!

Things are going well with me though. I'm happy as a clam as they say. Things are moving alon better, still busy in the office but what can you do. There's a quote from Brigham Young about the manufacturers of clothing back when they were beginning missionary work about how if they put their minds to it they will be filled with the spirit even as much as those sharing the gospel all day. Thought it was cool. My calling is to do my best both in the office and in my area. I felt like I wasnn't being useful like I wasn't fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. But I guess I am.

I love you all, and if you want to send me a letter I won't disapprove. Haha.

Edler Morris

PS: Pictures!!

Don't know which order I sent but one is a picture of this random awesome stray dog that came up and jumped up on me at the beach in Grenada. The other one is Elder Damm backing up the huge mission bus out of the driveway to our apartment. (Takes some skills). Then the first one i'm pretty sure is Keisha's baptism!


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