Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Disappointments out of the way first. 1. Natalie and Prince, our "sweet" investigators fell through. We can't figure out what happened. I'm guessing she got into some anti or heard some stuff but they haven't let us teach them since that last sunday. Well i guess that's our only disappointment. that and none of our investigators came to church. We're still working with some promising people but yeah it wasn't too cool.

I don't really get the word "disappointment." It's not like when something good happens to us we say "dang that was a great appointment." Unless you're being sarcastic about a bad doctor's appointment or something which is something I would say.

Mom you asked about some info in your letter. First, the AP's right now are Elder Damm and Elder Stewart. Elder Damm is going home in a month and is way cool. I like him a lot. They're still living in our apartment. Elder Olsen and Elder Lang are in other areas but in the same zone still. So that's why i still mention them. We're all pretty good friends.

We tried to get some work going on Saturday, our only day to get out there for a whole day and get some work done. We taught 2 lessons and had an epic fail. A bunch of our appointments fell through and then President called with a bunch of stuff we had to do before he and the AP's flew to Barbados for the weekend. Wonderful. so the week's teaching was alright. We found a lot of new people but weren't able to progress them. We're still working though. Our investigators now are pretty cool but they're very skeptical and very timid about what we've taught them. Our big focus will be on getting them to church this week.

Sunday was a glorious day. Church was cool. One of our eternal investigators, amos' aunt that comes every other week, brought her daughter and fiance. They're way cool and now are being taught by the Curepe missionaries. Sweet. We showed up to Dorris and Rita's and found ourselves smack-dab in the middle of a Thanksgiving feast. We were way surprised. I can't believe they do all this. I mean even if we didn't come they'd still cook just cause they love food but they spoil us too much. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, cranberry sauce, rolls, plantain, It was a fantastic meal. Then I brought stuff to bake cookies with so we hurried and whipped some delicious cookies up for dessert. All of our appointments fell through... again...

P-day was sweet. Elder Lang and Powers from Arima came over and stayed the night. We woke up and drove to Maracas beach in the morning. Some played football while a few of us went and explored, threw rocks at vultures that were chillin by the fishing boats. Then we all played some ultimate frisbee. Elder Prince and I took some sweet pictures, got "Richard's Bake and Shark", then called it a day.

Then yesterday we were blessed tremendously by the Child's. The auditing senior couple here. They invited us over for dinner so we could fix their computer and printer, and the AP's were invited as well. Roast beef (almost as good as mom's), gravy, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, steamed broccoli, and fruit salad. Then mango ice cream and homemade brownies for dessert. Too bad this doesn't happen regularly. And sorry if this comes off as bragging, I was just way happy about it. Haha.

things are going pretty good with me. I'm learning tons, applying more, and feeling pretty dang good about life and the gospel. I know it's true and won't ever look back. I couldn't ask for more. (except the new journal i need).

I love you all and thanks for the letters and support you've all given me.

Elder Morris

PS: It's so crazy that all these girls back home are getting married! First Dani, Abbey Maughan, Bridget, Kelli, now Karen?? Those are fantastic women and I'm way excited for them. Congrats!


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