Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey everyone -

Some news, I'm with Elder Vaea now. Elder Miles and him switched places and he's now in Sangre Grande. A good switch. Now they can get work done in Sangre Grande. Elder Vaea is from Tonga. He's a convert and way tight. He learned english in Guyana so he sounds just like a guyanese which talk really bad creolese.

This morning was pretty crazy. We had to take the Guyana Zone Leaders to the airport at 3 AM this morning. I woke up like 8 times in the night because I was worried we'd not make it on time. We got em there on time though. Thus I am way tired right now. These past few days were pretty fun. Basically did errands for the AP's and President cause it was Zone Leader Council and all the ZL's in the mission were here. Made for long nights and few lessons taught. But it worked out good. Like for example I wasn't at my ward this past Sunday. We had to go to the one near the airport because we picked up Elder Noah at 8:50 on Sunday Morning and barely got there in time for sacrament. It was fun to have all of them here. I got to see a lot of mission buddies that i hadn't seen in a long time. It was a blast.

Things are going pretty good for us. Remember how I said Natalie and Prince were avoiding us? We actually taught them 2 times this past weekend. Prince isn't too interested but Natalie still wants to be baptized really bad. She's reading the BOM every day which is a great sign.

Overall things are great. I'm happy with everything. But I don't have any more time so I'll write more next week. Gotta go to correlation.

Love ya!


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