Monday, June 7, 2010

May 27, 2010

Good Afternoon!

Sorry I'm so late emailing this week! Tuesday and Wednesday were basically spent in the car, between the airport and the office, and back again. I still don't even have that much time.

Not going to lie, this week was tough. Elections were on Monday for the whole country. What they did was a recall election. So the days leading up to the election (last week) were WAY hectic Saturday especially. In our area was the biggest rally in the country. So... Thousands and thousands of people were flooding the streets. The bars were full and most people had a beer in their hands. Basically, President told us to stay inside. Traffic was horrible and so the AP's and we went to the office to get some work done. All of that made it hard to get any work done. We tried and tried but to no avail. Tough week... Zarina hasn't let us come teach her since she came to church. She said that she loved church though and that she'd come next week. She didn't come on Sunday. Either did any of our other investigators. Barely any of our members even came due to all the pre-election fever going on. But, one of the most spiritual sacrament meetings I've been in. Elder Scott is being transferred and he bore his testimony. Way good. Sister Gamiette was bawling on the stage. I'm gonna miss that kid. Priesthood was great as well. We discussed the talk in Conference about the authority and power of the priesthood. Great conference talk. Then Dang! Dorris and Rita made the best food ever! Roast beef, homemade fried chicken, salad, plantain & bacon, etc. Way good. Sunday night Elder Scott taught me how to drive stick. Haha hard at first but it got easy after awhile. Now I’m a pro! I had to learn so I could drive the mission van around for transferring people around. Monday morning we went to Maracas w/ Elders Damm, Scott, and Stewart (new AP replacing Scott). We had a blast there, got shark and bake, then went back. Later we went and played Risk with Lang, Olsen, and the rest of the gang. I lost, but it was fun anyways. Haha.

Tuesday we were taking elders going home all around from the airport to their bed and breakfast, to the office, tracting, contacting, then back to the airport to pick up more, etc. That was Tuesday! Wednesday, we were up at 4 o’ clock. Took Elder Scott and Nielson with their greenies to the airport. From then on we were gone, driving all over the country dropping people to their new areas. That was basically it for me until now. Wow I'm tired though.

Elder Prince is finally in Trinidad. Whooo! I'm way excited for him to be here. He's my zone leader and we're gonna go on tradeoffs on June 3rd (year mark). I can't wait and I'm way excited to get the work going this next transfer. The office has been crazy lately but we're going to be able to do more missionary work this next transfer. Won't be as hectic. I wish so much I could be outside getting sunburned again doing the real work. I'm getting white! Hah.

Well no worries about me.. next week will be a better email. Was kinda rushed but hey. I love you all, and have a great week!

Elder Morris


You asked me some questions I forgot to answer!

I study every day for about 2 hours. 1 hour personal 1 hour companion study. Personal study is half Book of Mormon half teaching skills. Companion study is role playing lessons we're teaching that day, practicing techniques, etc. It's a HUGE part of being led by the spirit. If I don't study one day, the day just does not go by good at all. Appointments seem to fall through more, and you are generally more unhappy. But when you have a great study and you learn a lot, you're a lot happier and the spirit does go before you all day. It's fantastic. I wish I knew all this 2 years ago.

Love Elder Morris


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