Sunday, June 13, 2010

june 10, 2010

So this week was pretty dang good if I do say so myself!

Sunday was the craziest day so I'll give you an hour by hour look of our day.

9-12 - Church - Our investigator Keisha, sister of a member, she's like 30, is way cool. Came to church.

12:30-2PM - Dorris and Rita's for lunch. Had barbecued lamb. Man Rita can cook!

2:30-5PM - Went teaching the referrals from our investigator "Deanne".

We saw a "senior apostle" from the Church of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. His wife's name was Miss Cummings. We were referred to her from Deanne who said that she needed some conversion. haha. We happened to go there when her pastor and 4 other people were there praying and watching a movie about their church. They invited us in and let us share a restoration lesson with all of them. It was a good lesson. Learning about keys of the kingdom, the apostasy, the restoration, and the book of mormon. They were an interesting bunch.... to say the least. The women were covered in big white robes with ornate headdresses on, red sashes around their waist, and the men were just in normal white shirt and white pants. After we finished the pastor said "we have a lot of evidence in the bible against everything you just shared with us, but we won't go into that now. Then he just started preaching about their church. About how in Revelations 12:5 it talks about the "manchild" that will come in the last days. They believe that "manchild" is the "holy spirit personified." He said that the Holy Spirit has a body and lives on the earth right now. In order for us to not go to hell we have to pray to the holy spirit personified. Also he said that the most holy word in the Bible is "let". Because in Genesis when Christ was creating the earth he said "let there be light" and "let there be a firmament in the heavens". So obviously, let is the most holy word..... obviously. They invited us back Saturday where they said we're going to lay down all the facts on the table. He said "I'll bring my ammo next time". Then he started mumbling stuff and then the women all stood up at once and said "hallelujah praise the holy spirit". What I felt I can tell you was not the spirit. So we left quickly after that. Quite an interesting lesson. The actual people that we were referred to were pretty cool. Seemed interested and promised they'd read through the tract and pray about whether or not what we shared was true.

After then we taught a few more people that she told us to go see. One for example was way cool! Her name was Marcia and she is living with her son who's like 12. She said ever since she moved to trinidad she hasn't been to a church. When we taught her about the book of mormon she just lit up. She was way excited about it. We're going back tomorrow to see her.

5-6PM - Went to teach Keisha, the investigator that came to church. She's preparing to get baptized on the 26th of June. She's way ready. When we taught her then she hadn't read yet out of the book of mormon. All she had done was read through the restoration tract. On Tuesday when we went to teach her, she was different. She read 4 chapters of the Book of mormon, had taken notes in the restoration tract, and answered all of the questions in the back. We taught her the plan of salvation. She LOVED it. Is way excited to be baptized, and won't let anything come in her way. She is the sister of an inactive member here and so i'm pretty impressed how she's doing so well with a sister that isn't helping at all.

7 PM - Picked up the AP's at the apartment then went to president's to pick him up and drive them all to the airport for zone conference tour. Had quite the cool experience there. President invited all of us in for a family prayer. We all knelt around the table with his family of 7 and he offered the prayer. Wow! It was great. Felt the presence of the spirit so much and I was so grateful to see that. What a great example he is to us. I look up to President Gamiette a lot. We took them to the airport after and that was it!

As you can see, Sunday was a crazy day.

Other than that, we have been so busy in the office. It's been very tough to get much work done but we're doin it. Last week all we did was prepare everything for zone conference. Remember the slideshows that Sister Robison had? We've been doing them lately and I made the one for last transfer and this transfer. They're pretty great and will be up on the blog soon.

I love this! I realized that i've spent more time on a mission than I have left and it is NOT a good feeling. It is but really I won't be able to do this much longer. I am definitely going to just work my heart out this next year so I can get home and say that I have served a faithful mission and give an accounting to the Lord in the Temple and feel his approval of what i've done.

Well I have to get going but I love you all!

Elder Morris


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