Monday, June 7, 2010

June 3, 2010


Well this week went a lot better. I've been studying a lot about desires lately and I've been practicing on how I can better mold my desires to the Lord's desires. I have been studying the Book of Mormon using the Book of Mormon study guide for institute sections 121-122. I read the section on Alma 29 and I learned a lot about it. I learned about how the motivation behind any action or thought comes from your desires within, subconcious or concious. Very sweet study. That was this morning. I felt led through the scriptures, I read a scripture in Alma 26:27 about how we need to be patient through our afflictions and that is when I can receive success. It hit me pretty hard and I realized a lot of things I already knew but just needed to be reminded of. Man I love studying.

We're working a lot harder on finding new people lately. Even if it drags my car to Mt. Lambert and tracting for 2 and a half hours on Saturday. But here's the catch. Success!!! We only called into 2 houses and both houses we met somebody and taught them. Wow it was way cool. One lady was sweet, said she'd get baptized when she finds out that is true by praying about it. Her name is Beverly. Next we have Deanne and her son Jose. Man she can talk. We tried to present a message but she just talked her head off. She did however give us corn soup and mauby. Mauby kinda tastes like liquid black licorice. When made right, very good. We went back on Tuesday and she told us that she's not interested at all and promised the lord that she'd never visit another church because there's too many. Nice promise. Too bad though. Jose is 20 though and he seemed very receptive and was very cool.

Here I am sitting with Elder Prince right now. He's doing fantastic. We're on trade-off's right now. We were just talking about earlier about how 1 year ago we were in the car driving to Provo. Man!!! Time has flown by. I can't believe I've been out a year. Me and Elder Prince realized on Monday when we were playing ULTIMATE FRISBEE that one year from then we played our last game together with everybody in Southwood Park. Dang. 1 year.... Haha. I have written up a list of goals I have and things I will change. I'll finalize the list in the next few days and make it official. But I revised my morning and night schedule to make it more effective and be able to get a lot more study time in. 2 hours is not enough sometimes. I love change. 2 Ne: 4 Really has been a guide to me on how I can change my life and turn it towards God. I've studied that a lot and I've focused on remembering the things the Lord has done for me, recognizing my faults, making a plan to be better, then praying your heart out for that help. This past week I've really done that a lot. I love it. The gospel is sweet.

We're really starting from scratch right now. We kinda had the elevator effect happen to us these past few weeks and we have very few investigators. But things are looking up and my spirits are high. I have felt led by the spirit a lot lately and I love it so much. I've changed and I continue to every single day.

Saturday morning Elder Barton's family got here. We picked them up from the airport then they took us for coldstone later that day. Haha way fun. His family is great. On Sunday Dorris and Rita cooked up a storm cause they came to visit them. We had curry shrimp, beef, chicken, and channa. With Roti, plantain, and lots of drinks. What a display. Way good!!

We've had a good week and things are looking way up. If you didn't know, on July 1st, Barbados officially will be part of the West Indies Mission. 10 missionaries are being sent to open it up. (Crossing my fingers). Elder Damm said that if he isn't assistant next transfer he might go to end his mission there. Elder Scott told me I should go with him but we'll see. Haha.

Well I love you all so much. I'm doing great and it was great to hear from ya. Seems like things are doing great.

Elder Morris

Answering questions!

Yes it's rainy season in Trinidad. We had a ton this past week. Thank goodness for the Corolla.
We get the Liahona each month, each companionship gets one and so yeah we study the conference talks. They're all fantastic. I have some of the talks on my iPod.
I can't believe you guys saw the Blue Man Group. I've wanted to see them forever!! I've just always thought they're too expensive.

Well that's about it. Love you all!


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