Saturday, November 7, 2009

October 26, 2009

This past week was a good one, tough, but good. Our investigators fell through, which wasn't good, so we're back to square one. We went to Ayasammy's, and he was drinking rum with his friend, wasted. Not good at all. After 2 lessons on the word of wisdom he was doing well and quitting smoking but not everyone was ready to keep their commitments. He didn't come to church either. We taught with the spirit and testified but we'll see. I'll follow up on him this week. Our other investigators turned out to just like listening to us because we're white church men. We taught this family about how our church is the only church with the priesthood authority and God's true church. After they just said, "Well, all the churches are the same. It's one God. I have my church." The people don't understand!! It was tough. It happens so much in Rose Hall. I'm not saying the people are stupid they just don't understand us when we talk, don't comprehend church things, but they do comprehend Jesus died and God loves them. We should be having a lot of new investigators this week though so it's all good. I haven't baptized in a while. Actually, all of Berbice and Canje hasn't baptized much at all lately. The mission's numbers have plummeted. President Gamiette has raised the bar on baptisms. Only people that have a sincere testimony can get baptized.

Things are looking up though. We got transfer calls this last week. I'll be staying here in Rose Hall, with a local mini-missionary, Brother Narine. Elder Daines is going to St. Maarten to end his mission. Talk about lucky!! Sounds like an amazing place. Elder Duncan, our Zone leader is going to Tobago, an island off Trinidad. Things just keep changing. It'll be fun though. Next transfer will be a good one.

I don't really know what else to tell ya. Things are going fine here; it's just going to be a lot of hard work. Haha, it's not like missionary work is supposed to be easy.

Story time: Last night we slept over at the Zone leaders in New Amsterdam. They have A/C which is hard to find here, so yeah! It was nice. In the morning we went PIRHANA fishing. Haha! Never thought I'd ever do that. We got about 6. Pretty easy to catch. Put a line with a piece of fish on a hook and it'll just grab on and eat it. Haha. Pretty fun morning today. Haha.

Well, that's about it with me. I'm doing great. The Lord's there waiting to help me, so all I have to do is have the faith that He will. I am loving it here!

Elder Morris


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