Sunday, October 25, 2009

nate in Berbice

The Rastifarian in Nate's journal

yummy food from the holiday.


October 19, 2009


So, this week was MUCH better!! We put our minds to it. I fasted and prayed more and harder than I ever had before. We relied on the Spirit. After the zone conference last week we were motivated to do a better job and do some good ol' fashioned work. We got a lot done. We went out after p-day on Tuesday, looking for somewhere to go tracting. We both felt as we were riding in a taxi to stop in this one area in Port Mourant, called Ankerville. Before the end of 1 hour of tracting we had taught 4 lessons and had 5 new investigators. It was wonderful. Being led by the Spirit is a wonderful thing. We had nobody we were teaching who had reall progressed before then, and all of a sudden we have a lot more people from this past week who are excited to get baptized. This guy, Ayasammy, is about 60 years old, but loves to read. He works as a night security gaurd for a shop in Rose Hall. He has already read most of 1st Nephi, and all the tracts we have given him. He is very humbled due to the lack of money, but he is prepared I feel. We met a family living down a shortcut by our house called the Frasers. In the middle of the lesson the lady stopped and said, "So, all I am really trying to do is just find the truth, but I just don't know how to find it!" We challenged her to pray and ask God if our message was true, and when God answers her, if she and her family wants to be baptized. They all accepted and were very excited! Due to this week's past success, I have an increased amount of faith, and my confidence has increased as well in the Lord's ability to work through me. I love being a missionary!

This past week we had a funny experience. So there's a lot of homeless in Guyana, right? Well there's this especially crazy one that is a Rastifarian. We always see him around but one day he came up to us and knelt on the ground yelling praises to us as white gods from heaven. Then he hugged my leg. I shook him off, but then he got up and gave us a big thumbs up with a rotten smile and walked away. Hahaha! It was hilarious! I drew a picture of it in my journal. See the picture. I've been doing that latley. Bought a colored pencil set and have been drawing funny stuff in my journal every day.

So, Saturday night was the holiday of DIWALI! You know, from The Office, the Hindu holiday. It was very fun! There's a Creole restaurant we've been eating at that had a bunch of special food just for the holiday. We had Sweet Rice w/ Dhall Puri, Pumpkin (a combo of blended pumpkin and spices) inside a bake, and lots of fruit. Because we're in such a Hindu neighborhood, there were candles everywhere. It was really pretty actually.

To answer some questions: 1. Dad. Yes we do member present lessons. That is one of our key indicators of conversion, or one of the goals we set. We try to get as many as possible. 2. I liked what Dad said about the mission being a foundation for the rest of my life. I agree completley. As a missionary you begin all these awesome habits that if kept, will keep you safe and sound for the rest of your life. I am loving the changes that I see taking place within me. I don't want to go back to the old me when I'm done here. 3. Mom! Thanks for telling me about the experiences with all the kids! I love hearing about all the nieces and Bryce. They're way fun! For Christmas you'll have to set it up so when we do the webcam chat that everyone will be there.

So, basically I love this place. We're doing much better, my spirits are higher, and I'm working harder , studying more effectivley. My testimony is growing each day. Keep being awesome. Your encouragement is helping me a lot!

Elder Morris


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