Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 2, 2009

Howdy folks!

So this week I was put with Elder Narine. He is 18, going into the MTC in the Dominican Republic on November 27th. He is a great companion. It was wierd at first, but we're gonna work hard. It'll be good. I'll only be with him 2 more weeks. Then I'll get someone else. This morning he swept out the WHOLE apartment. He spent an hour cleaning while I was writing letters, etc. that stuff. He's pretty sweet. He can't read very well at all, has a hard time teaching, but dangit he tries with all his heart. It's a great thing to see.

Well this week was great. It really was. It was a test but it turned out to be amazing. One experience I'd like to share. We were tracting in a place called Whim. We ran into this Christian family, Tony, Baby, and Rihanna, their 8 year old daughter. We asked if we could come in and share a message. They listened, understood, and the spirit was so, so strong. We learned at Zone Conference to invite people to baptism when the spirit is in the room the strongest. This way, it makes it hard for them to deny what they feel and say no. After bearing my testimony about how the restored gospel has blessed me, the man started to cry. It was then when I knew they felt the Spirit. I invited them to follow Christ and be baptized. They all accepted and we're going to start working with them more this week. It was a great experience.

Our promising investigators we found the last two weeks fell through. I had to drop them. When they lie and lie about not drinking and not smoking, and then never keep the one commitment that really matters, coming to church, it's time to drop them. It's disheartening, but essential. It's especially hard to fill up your day with people to teach when you have to drop your investigators. We sill be focusing a lot on finding new ones.

Our new Zone leader, Elder Jones, was an assistant the past 3 transfers. He baptized 80 people in my area, so it's wierd to be with him. He is very strict, very serious, but a dang good missionary. It's going to be great to serve under him this next 5 weeks.

5 months!!!! I can't believe it's been 5 months. Just in a month and a half I'll be talkin to ya on the phone. I tell you what. It is always comforting to have Elder Prince out here with me. I love that kid. We call each other all the time and it's fun having him only just a 10 minute drive away. We've become pretty good friends.

My studies have gotten much better these past few weeks. President Gamiette showed us a new method to study. It's called the three column method. Left column is where you put the verses and a title for the line. Middle column is prophetic words used in the verses.
Right column is the meaning or principles learned. You do this every few verses or every main idea in the chapter. Then after you're done with the chapter you put the main idea, or what you learned at the bottom. Kind of a summary of principles taught. I'll send you a picture of what mine looks like next week. I have been learning a LOT. Even from the Ether chapters where it's just political insurrection and war.

I LOVE THIS WORK. My spirits are highter, my faith is growing, and my confidence, shall I say like the sons of Alma, is waxing strong. I can't believe all the tings I've learned. I haven't had too much success in the way of getting in the white clothes and baptizing lately but I've learned my lessons and success will come as I continue to learn and apply the things I learned.

I love you all,
Elder Morris


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