Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We had a fantastic baptism after church on Sunday. Shevorn was ready and it turned out so great. We started at the branch with song/prayer and 2 talks on baptism and the holy ghost. Then we moved down to the beach. A truck came and picked all the members who wanted to go up and we drove the rav4 down with the senior couple. It was a gorgeous sunny day by the way and the beach was perfect. It felt way good to go in the water. Don't worry i didn't take a swim. Haha. The spirit was so strong the whole afternoon. After the baptism on the beach we sang I am a child of god and then had a 10 minute testimony meeting. Shevorn was crying and just had this huge smile on her face. We talked to her later on in the day and she just told us how good she felt. How clean and pure she felt and how excited she is to come to church for the rest of her life. What a great experience..

The events leading up the baptism were quite hectic. We had her 1st interview on Wednesday and we found out Friday (which really made me vexed) that she needed to talk to President Gamiette to finish up the interview process. We should have found out Wednesday but we rushed over to shevorn's then we couldn't get in contact with president. We had to leave Shevorn's and finally around 7 at night he called back. He couldn't call her that night because he was getting on a plane that moment to Guyana. So we had to push the baptism back to Sunday after church. But all in all, more members were able to come, and really Sunday was just the perfect day for it. Heavenly Father really throws us some curve balls sometimes.

That really was the highlight of our week.

I love ya and thanks for all you do!

Elder Morris


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