Sunday, November 14, 2010


I don't know if you get news of the West Indies in your neck of the woods but we had Tropical Storm pass through Barbados on Saturday. It was almost classified as a hurricane but it is now as it heads towards Jamaica. It hit Barbados then St. Lucia and St. Vincent, then went all the way up. Saturday I woke up at 6:30 like always but noticed it was windy outside. Hmmm... that's not good. It was way strong. Power went out around 9 in the morning and several large trees around us were blown down. We could see someone's roof was completely torn off. We were on the phone with many of the missionaries throughout the day. There was a curfew in place all day so no one was allowed outside. The strong winds and rains lasted until around 1 or 2 and it was just off and on the rest of the day. The Zone leaders apartment still doesn't have power haha. We were pretty lucky in black rock. It didn't get hit too hard but the eastern part of the island there were tons of floods and houses being washed away. One of our investigators, Theresa lost her home. All the members are okay, nothing too damaging but some lost part of their roof and their fences and stuff like that. We were safe, we just stayed inside and read Ensign articles all day. I caught up on my journal, took a nap, etc. We're lucky it wasn't a hurricane when it hit us or else it would have been a lot worse! It kinda hurt our week pretty bad. Due to a lot of the members having trouble with their houses they didn't have church yesterday but we got approval and all the missionaries met up and took the sacrament at the Sisters' apartment with the Boman's (senior couple here). The rest of the day yesterday was lame, everybody was shopping, fixing their houses, and nobody wanted our help. Everybody was too preoccupied. Sad event hitting the west indies. No fatalities, just a lot of damaged houses.

Friday we had the coolest lesson with Sherneal. She had been having doubts about a lot of things about the church, mostly baptisms for the dead and the kingdoms of glory. On Wednesday she had come to institute and she said that everything taught was just for her. She got home in tears just thinking about all the things she had been taught and wrote in her journal which she read to us on Friday, "Today I decided I would not have anymore doubts concerning the church. I have decided to join the faith and put all doubts behind. I know it's the right thing to do and I know this is the truth." She said the next day after she wrote that she felt peace and love inside all throughout the day. We invited her to be baptized next Sunday and she accepted one-time (quickly). She is way excited to be baptized and she knows it is the truth. One of the coolest lessons/experiences i've had.

Bazil was interviewed and wasn't ready for baptism yet. He hasn't received a testimony yet and so we'll continue to help. We've tried almost everything we can do but we'll keep trying.

Wednesday I went on tradeoffs with Elder Thomas and we had a blast. He's the funniest guy. We taught our investigator Everett and he asked us "so what do I have to do to get baptized? How long does it take? When's the soonest I can be baptized?" We told him and gave him a baptismal date which he accepted. It was a cool lesson haha i love being asked those questions. We met with him later in the week and he wasn't as cool. He just talked the entire time. Asking us if he understood what he was telling us. I said "Everett, I assure you. We understand everything you are telling us." He replied "You sure? You better be sure to understand what I am saying. You know the gospel, when you preach it, you better be sure to apply the things you teach. You youngsters don't really understand." I wasn't very happy. I bit my tongue and just stayed quiet. I am not usually a fan when people despise your youth. They don't think that we actually know what we're talking about. I know what it's like to repent. I know what it's like to change my life. I know what the power of the atonement feels like. Nothing anybody says can change my mind for I know these things and have felt them. Everett is still doing alright, he's reading the book of mormon but he doesn't really let us teach him anything. He just complains about how hard life is. We try to help and really teach him things he needs but he won't let us. I guess we'll keep trying.

Funny thing. On tradeoffs we passed a house that had a big sign with red paint saying "NO JEHOVAH WITNESSES." We laughed pretty hard and called into the house. They didn't come outside. 5 minutes later we were teaching somebody down the street and the lady said "You're not Jehovah Witnesses are you?" We said no and she said "Thank goodness, I just can't stand them!" It was pretty funny..

Transfers are next Wednesday. I find out where I'm going on thursday so I'll let you know next week. Who knows where i'll be. Probably still here in Black Rock. I wouldn't mind. I love it here. It's been fun. I'd love to serve in a couple more countries though. I have 3 flags under my belt right now which is pretty cool but it'd be fun to go other places. I gotta email President but it sounds like everyone had fun for halloween. Nobody really celebrates it here. Some do and it's getting more popular. They only started celebrating it 2 years ago here. We saw some decorations in a hallmark store here but that's it. Happy Halloween! I love ya all.


Elder Nathan Morris

Apartment 6 Eagle Towers

Washington Avenue
Black Rock, St. Michael
Barbados, West Indies


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