Sunday, November 14, 2010



Was great! It's always fun to see a lot of your past companions and friends at zone conferences. Missionaries from Grenada and St. Vincent flew in for the conference. I got to talk a lot with Elder Carter and Elder Jones, got to meet some new people I never had met before. It was a blast. Of course that wasn't the highlight. President Gamiette taught us all about "Holiness". what it means and how to achieve it. How we are building temples within ourselves and with the people around us. It was a great conference. We learned a lot, practiced a lot of teaching skills, etc. In one role play I was teaching with Elder Howe. We were teaching Sister Gamiette. At one point in the role play Elder Howe was testifying of the Savior. The spirit was way strong, even in this simple practice teaching experience and Sister Gamiette started to cry. She's like "this is the first time this has ever happened in a zone conference!" President joked about it with us after and said we're gonna get it for making his wife cry. They are way cool though. I love President and Sister Gamiette. They're gems.

My interview was pretty great. He talked a lot about the changes he's seeing taking place with me and with the other missionaries and he told me how proud he was of all the changes. I wish interviews happened more often cause every 3 months? That means i only have 2 left? Not counting time or anything it's just too bad i won't get many more interviews/zone conferences. I really pray/hope that i'll be able to serve with Elder Prince. It'd be the coolest thing ever. Going home after having served together in the Caribbean. That would be the best.

This week was really good. Because of conference we didn't have as much time to get all the things done we needed to. But we worked our bottom's off. Bazil has a baptism date for this upcoming sunday. He is doing a ton better and at church he was beginning to participate in the lessons. It was pretty great to see. We've started workign with a less active/part member family who are awesome. Sister White and her daughters. Way fun family. They are really going to work on coming back into full activity and one of the daughters is 12 and hasn't been baptized so it'll be fun to keep completing the family. We had a lot of fun this week. Sherneal however didn't come to church.. She said she couldn't catch a bus.

I don't really know what else to report on. I had a dream Wednesday night that Mom was with me in Barbados and she looked at me and said "it's going to rain tomorrow". It rained a lot the next afternoon. Haha it was kinda cool. I've had some crazy dreams on my mission and it's been fun to write them down. I've written like 90 of them. Call me crazy. Actually my name's Elder Morris and I like the way I am.. :D

Well enjoy the week, hopefully we baptize this week. Bazil is doing better but i'm not sure if he's ready for baptism. The interview will tell the tale i guess. He needs the church so much in his life. He's had it rough. I'll send pictures next week :)

Much Love,

Elder Morris


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