Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 8, 2010
Hey Everyone –

Things have been going great. We have a baptism this Saturday, and we have been teaching a SWEET family of 4 that should be getting baptized in a few weeks.

Right now I’m sweaty and dirty for we just got done playing American football in Arima. Our team killed. 10-5. (10 TD’s) Haha there was this one play where I faked out my defender, caught the ball, then the safety was comin at me but I juked him out of his boots! TD for the Chupacabras! We had a blast.

The zone is still doing very well with the Zone standard. We worked our butts off this week again and saw the Lord step in again and help us out. We needed a lot of help and received it.

Amos is doing great. Yesterday we had a lesson with him and he’s been preparing for this Saturday and he asked us in the lesson, “Am I getting baptized too soon?” We read Mosiah 18:8-10 with him and the spirit was felt way strong. He sat there for a second after we talked about the scripture then just said, “I feel so light, man I gotta get baptized soon! I’m ready!” Haha he was so excited. He was lookin sharp at church. Nice tie, slacks, shoes, all excited about everything. He’s 19 and wants to serve a mission. Pictures will be sent next week of him. Haha he is a legit guy.

About pictures. I have the memory card reader I just haven’t found the time to send pictures. We might become the office elders soon with a car which will enable us to use the computers to transfer and burn a DVD of pictures I can send home which will be sweet. We’ll see though. If we were to go into the office every day it would just be for an hour or two and we’d share the Assistant’s investigators. Sounds like a cool deal. We’d get a car out of it haha.

We’ve been doing pretty good lately. Me and Elder Beeson are good friends by now and am having a blast serving with him. We also have a lot of fun living with the assistants.

Oooh almost forgot. We got to take out the new missionaries with us on Tuesday when they came in. Went on splits and taught some cool lessons. It was fun to talk to guys that were home a month ago. Haha kinda weird. Luckily it didn’t make me trunky. They were pretty cool. Oh I didn’t even mention. I’ll be staying in SanJuan for another transfer. Haha it started this past week, just forgot to tell ya.

Well I really wish I had more to talk about. Dad it sounds like you did a great job on your talk at stake conference. You’ll have to send me your talk. Also, Dad, what happened to all those quotes and stuff you’d send from your leadership books? Haha just kidding I know you’re busy.

I love ya and know that I’m doing fine. I’m being taken care of.

One love,

Elder Morris


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