Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 1, 2010

Good Afternoon!

So basically this week was absolutely amazing. At zone conference last week we set a standard of excellence of our key indicators: 10 member lessons, 11 new investigators, 10 referrals, and 5 baptism dates. By Friday we only had 4 new investigators and things were looking very, very down. I began to pray harder than I ever had before. Friday during the day was not good at all, but then near the evening we found 5 new investigators, taught 4 member lessons, and received 2 referrals, set 2 more baptism dates. Wow!! This past week I prayed so hard that Heavenly Father would help us reach our goals and that He’d step in and help where we needed it. He definitely did. We saw so many miracles this week. We ended up reaching and exceeding by a lot our goals for the week. We were able to help out other areas that were suffering. Trinidad North Zone hasn’t had this good of a week for so long. We tore it up.

We had stake conference on Sunday, the 2nd ever in Trinidad. They called the first stake patriarch of Trinidad which was awesome. Now people will be able to receive their patriarchal blessings. It was a great meeting. They’re basically focusing on the members putting their focus on the temple. It was sweet. We were able to get 2 investigators at the stake conference. We were lucky because it was in Port of Spain which is about 20 minutes travel time.

Amos, our investigator getting baptized next week Saturday is awesome. He is so excited to share the gospel. He knows its true and he loves the Book of Mormon. He’s 19 and so he wants to serve a mission as well. His friend, Jeremy King, who is a member, has been teaching him when we can’t meet with him so that has been working great. He will be baptized on the 13th. He’ll definitely be ready. With stake conference they had a young single adults activity in San Fernando on Friday, about 40 minutes drive, and he went! He has a great support system which is key; 3 member friends. Perfect. Haha. He went to stake conference as well.

Anthony came to stake conference. He is very femme. Sister Kotiah picked him up. He’s moving to Port of Spain. Everyone thinks that he is well, gay. But, he’s never told us and he has accepted the Law of Chastity so I guess he’ll still be taught by the missionaries in Port of Spain. I don’t know what’ll happen there.

We have some other great investigators that we’re working with. Things are really looking great in San Juan. This past week pumped us up and we’re way stoked to get going and do the work. I LOVE THIS WORK SO MUCH. I am so happy right now writing this email. You should think about coming to pick me up. The West Indies is just something you just have to experience. Elder Beeson and Elder Prince have people picking them up. We all go home the same time so we could organize a sweet expedition to Guyana, seeing Kaieteur Falls, the rainforest, the Amerindian villages, the beaches in the islands. I don’t know, just food for thought. I love this mission so much! I wish I could show ya what it is like.

I got the Valentines package!!! I loved it. Definitely was packed with awesome stuff. The Twinkies were a bit much. Here I am trying to keep the weight off. Haha. Nah it was awesome. I got the memory card reader but I couldn’t use it at this internet shop so I will be able to send pictures home soon, wasn’t able to today though. Sorry!

I was definitely sad to hear about Grandma but I’m happy she left this life peacefully. I know the Plan of Salvation is real and true. I know I’ll see her again. I love this gospel so dang much. It is the only thing that really brings us true happiness. It sounds like the family is doing well. I love you guys so much!

Elder Morris

PS: This past week I bought some soccer jerseys and some other stuff. We ran out of mission funds yesterday so I’ve used personal money more than usual. I don’t know how much is left but I need to take out a few hundred just to have some cash in case I need to buy something. That’s 50 US. Haha.

Love ya!


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