Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 15, 2010
Hello America!

The other day when we were at Ruby Tuesday's there was a white family there from Mesa, Arizona. They said they're the only non-LDS on the street. Haha kinda funny. They were going to Park City next week to go skiing.

We...............(drumroll)..........had a baptism Saturday!! It was great. Trini Time helped it start 1 hour late but it was a great baptism. Very spiritual. It's always good to have baptisms especially future Melchizidek priesthood holders and future missionaries. Amos is way excited and a legit guy.

Another great week. We continue to see many miracles coming our way. Our baptism we had planned for this Saturday couldn't come to church so Olivia will be getting baptized in a couple weeks. Also that awesome family of 4 we found couldn't come as well but are way excited and want to be baptized. It's all in how you teach the first lesson and how they understand how the priesthood keys were restored. We learned a lot from president. We had great success this week. 5 investigators came to church, one family that can't get baptized because the parents aren't married and are illegal from Guyana. But.... somehow the Lord will provide a way. That's Simone and her family. Way cool. Then this lady Jacqueline who is rather crazy but she has a baptism date for the 27th. Things are looking pretty good. Elder Beeson and I are still doing great.

We tried out a new way of planning the week and it has helped a LOT. We have had members teaching with us every day and it is extremely effective. More investigators are excited about coming to church, more members are excited about missionary work. Members that wouldn't teach with us before all of a sudden are asking when they can come teaching. I don't want to leave this area at all. Haha.

We had Papa John's twice this week. Talk about FANTASTIC. It tasted like real pizza. Mozzarella cheese and everything. In the Caribbean they have this "New Zealand cheddar cheese" which really should be called "fake cheese made from cardboard and dirt". Haha Mario's pizza parlour uses that cheese on their pizza which doesn't end well usually.

This morning we played basketball and we had a blast. We dominated.... again! Haha We had 4v4v4. One team would rest while the other two would play. Elder Huntsman, Beeson, and Jones and I took everybody for all they had and more. Haha just kidding it wasn't really that good but we had fun. My favorite play was me posting up on the box against my defender, then Beeson who was up top would lob the ball under the basket over my defender while I cut and make layups all day. I wish I could shoot but it was cool.

I dunno what to say more. This past week was great. This coming week will also be wonderful. It was good to hear from everybody. Dad, I do notice "do good, be good, aim high." It was in a conference talk last October. Of course I remember! Also dad, we have the same problems. We usually catch up on lessons and investigators on Saturday or Friday because most people are home but we don't work as hard or effectively on Tuesday and Wednesday. I would love to fix that problem as well.

It sounds like things are going good.. I love ya. Keep being awesome. Tell Ryan to behave himself. Hah.

Elder Morris

PS: I haven't taken many pictures this transfer so I will repent and take more. I really don't have much recent ones to send.

PPSS: It just started to pour! Hasn't rained in about 2 months. FINALLY!!!!


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